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Hello there! If you love tales of dorky LGBTQ+ romance, set in fantastic worlds, and littered with terrible puns:
you’ve come to the right place!

angelKat is the creative home of British comic book artist and character illustrator Davy Shirley and his motley crew of friends and collaborators. Here you’ll find diverse casts of queer misfits as we attempt to tell their stories of adventure, romance, drama, and everything in between through comics and artwork.

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For those who can’t make it to Artist Alley, or simply can’t get enough of it: our online store is here to bridge the gap. From comics and prints, to t-shirts, stickers, and more! All featuring our signature LGBTQ+ content and puns: what more could anyone wish for?

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From Artist Alley

Best In Class

You draw bums good!!!

The Answer Is Yes

Do you have any GAY?!

Uh, Thanks?

I don’t read comics. But if you made this into a TV series, I’d watch it!

Wash Your Mouth Out

Can you draw ███████ with ████ ██████ doing ████████ in █████ ████████ wearing a ███████, please?

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