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angelKat Entertainment is home to the comic book ravings of a tea-addled mind and his conspirators. With comics and art spanning several genres including fantasy, capes, and sci-fi, with the occasional splash of LGBTQ* romance. And certainly no plans involving a death ray or anything of that sort.

Initially the digital home of our flagship comic book title “Fera“, angelKat Entertainment has since expanded to include self publishing a number of other comic book titles in print. Since those early days we have been nominated for a number of awards, notably Fera and The Editors have been listed in both the Stan Lee Eagle Awards and the British Comic Awards in previous years in categories including Best Book, Newcomer, and Best Webcomic. All thanks to our wonderful fans who have been a big part of what makes our work worthwhile from the very beginning.

Our logo has become a common sight at conventions around the United Kingdom, and we’re always looking for new ways to interact with you our audience as we feel that it’s an important aspect of the webcomic environment that we hope to be able to transfer into our print work. Which is why you can often find us hosting talks and workshops at events around the country!

Our Services

Alongside our comic books, we also provide high quality design and technical services to both businesses and individuals. These services include; personal commissions, gift art, illustration, content writing, corporate branding, social media management, and web development. We are also open to commissions for freelance projects with individuals or businesses – including developing comic books/graphic novels, and other creative endeavours.

For more information please contact us at: sales@angelk.at

Meet The Team Behind The Comics

Davy Shirley (Editor/Artist)

Owner and editor of angelKat Entertainment, can often be found drinking tea and muttering about death rays. He has been writing and sketching for as long as his tea-addled mind can remember, with a passion for comics and great storytelling. As well as being the lead artist/editor on most of our titles, Davy is also our resident code monkey because that BSc in software engineering has to be good for something right?

Paul Burr (Writer)

Born in 1986 Paul has long been an avid fan of all things nerd and this probably stems from his older brother taking him on trips to Newcastle to visit the local comic book shop. To his young eyes this place was an Aladdin’s cave that smelt vaguely of pot and ever since then he has been scribbling his mad ravings on paper in the hopes people will one day read them.

Donna McGarry (Artist)

When Donna isn’t at work or fangirling over various things, she draws. A member of angelKat Entertainment since 2011, she can be found sketching at our table at most conventions. Recently, she has been working on one of our upcoming titles – Offices & Accountants. Her main expertise is in cute traditional cartoons.

Anna Sheldrick (Writer)

Anna is a woman of many talents whether that be in writing, photography, or creating beautifully crafted cosplay. Her debut novel, Sorchens Child, and comic, Meta-Rising were released in 2014, with an upcoming angelKat Entertainment comic book series “Colony Alpha Lima” currently in production.

Contact Us

General Enquiries: info@angelk.at
For general enquiries concerning angelKat Entertainment, our products, and services.

Press Enquiries: press@angelk.at
For all press enquiries regarding events, interviews, features, book releases, etc.

Sales Enquiries: sales@angelk.at
For any issues with purchases, to enquire about art commissions and to hire our team for freelance projects.

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