Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a burning question about angelKat? Satisfy your curiousity here!

Below is a collection of the most common questions that we receive. If you have a new question, not yet answered here, or would like clarification please get in touch.

About angelKat

We’re from a small seaside town near Newcastle Upon Tyne, in the north east of England (UK).

Great question! We’ve put together a list below of our tried and tested favourites that we use on an almost daily basis. If you have any questions please ask.

Please note: these are affiliate links. This means that by using them to buy the same tools we use, you are also supporting angelKat with no additional cost to yourself!

Thank you for your interest but angelKat is not currently accepting unsolicited submissions and cannot act as a publisher on your behalf.

angelKat are a small press artist and some of his closest friends making comics together. Sadly we have neither the facilities nor financial capability to publish other peoples work or to employ additional staff.

We are happy to respond to queries and give advice where we can, and to recommend reliable/affordable printing services, etc. but please be aware that we can’t always respond immediately.

Hiring angelKat

Yes, we do! We have a limited number of slots available to work on client commissions ranging from personal sketches to full comic projects. To find out more and to learn about our current availability please take a look at our commission information page.

Yes, angelKat is available to hire for commercial projects including web and merch graphics, logos, comics, and more. For more information please enquire here.

Combining over a decade of experience as a creative and a background in software/web development: angelKat can provide a range of services to meet client needs including;

Art & Storytelling
  • Character Design & Illustration
  • Concept & Location Design.
  • Storyboarding & Comics.
  • Logo Design.
  • Merchandise Graphic Design.
  • Social Banners & Branding.
Web & Events
  • Game & Web Development.
  • Content Writing & Proof Reading.
  • Hosting Talks & Workshops.

The angelKat Shop

Items in our store are fulfilled by ourselves or one of our printing partners. Those fulfilled by angelKat are shipped from Tyne & Wear, England. However, those items fulfilled by our partners ship from their facilities in the USA and EU. Please be aware that depending on your location you may be liable to pay customs fees for which you are responsible.

For more information check out our Shipping & Returns page.

Some of our items are printed in limited runs, such as our books, pins, and limited edition originals. We do restock popular items when we can and we will announce new stock in our blog and newsletter so be sure to subscribe for updates.

Fan Content

While we are honoured that you would want to write fan fiction featuring our comics and characters, we sadly are not permitted to read them. This is simply because it could get us into legal trouble if your idea or fan fiction happened to be similar to an upcoming plot in our stories. We really don’t want the headache of copyright issues that could cause.

If you do post your angelKat fan fiction online, please remember to credit us and include a link to the angelKat website.

However, we do not allow or endorse the sale of fan fiction based on our intellectual property in any form unless officially licensed by angelKat.

If you’re creating angelKat fan art we’d love to see it! We even have a section of this website dedicated to showcasing your art. Please send us a link through our contact page, or tag us on social media.

We’d appreciate it if you included a link to our website and/or tagged us on social media when you post your fan art so that others can discover our work too.

However, we do not allow or endorse the sale of fan art based on our intellectual property in any form unless officially licensed by angelKat.

angelKat Art & Content

While we’d prefer you to use our sharing buttons on this website, or to RT/share/reblog our own social media posts instead…

We’re happy for your to repost our art and comics so long as you credit us properly, don’t use our content for commercial purposes, and don’t claim ownership/authorship. Please do not crop any watermarks or signatures in the image.

If we contact you for inappropriate use with a takedown request please respect our decision.

Proper credit looks like; 1) include our name e.g. “by angelKat” or “by Davy Shirley” 2) include our web address ( ) 3) tag us in any social media post.

We love tattoos, but our artwork isn’t particularly designed with tattoos in mind. You’re probably better off asking a tattoo artist to create something unique for you.

However, if you’ve fallen in love with our artwork and are dying to get it tattooed please get in touch with us to ask for permission first. This is as some of our artwork is very personal, or created exclusively for a client. In those cases we would not be comfortable (or legally able) to grant permission.

In those cases where we do give permission for the artworks use, there will be a fee of £50 for using our designs. Also, unless you have commissioned the art from us, we can not give you exclusive tattoo rights to the artwork.

This does not apply to tattoo artists. If you are a tattoo artist looking to add our artwork to your flash sheets please get in touch to arrange an appropriate licensing fee.