With your help we can continue making brand new LGBTQ+ content and reaching new audiences!

Here at angelKat HQ we love building worlds, creating characters, and sharing their adventures with you. But we can’t do that without the support of amazing folks like you!

Over the years we’ve been lucky enough to share our stories, and even meet some of you at Comic Cons. And all of the love and support that we’ve received has made all of this possible. As indie creators we spend all of our free time creating content that we (and we hope you) love. But we still need to keep the lights on and our tea pot filled. That’s where you come in!

There are many ways to support an indie artist from spreading the word by sharing our social posts, to buying a book – it’s all appreciated. Below are just some of the ways that you can make a difference and help us continue doing what we adore.

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Possibly the most direct way to support angelKat is to subscribe on Patreon for exclusive monthly content, or send us a one off “tip” via Ko-Fi. We promise to use any funds we receive for good, and not on mansions and death rays.


If you’d like access to exclusive monthly content and offers, early access to our latest comics, and more: why not consider becoming a patron of the arts (and “Honorary angelKat” by subscribing on Patreon from as little as $2 per month!

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If you’d rather not get tied down but would like to donate to the “cause” of keeping artists fed and LGBTQ+ romance comic pages being made: why not tip us for the price of a “coffee”? We prefer tea, but apparently Ko-Fi is really set on their name now so let’s just pretend.

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Hire angelKat

Ever wanted your own, one of a kind piece of artwork from angelKat? Something no one else has, or just something bizarre that you’ve always wanted to see drawn in our art style? Why not hire us to make that dream a reality? We’re available for commissions on personal projects, and to hire for larger commercial projects too!

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angelKat Stores

You’ve fallen in love with our comics, artwork, and/or terrible puns? Then you’re in luck! You can own some of those things and place them in and around your own home! If that’s something you’d like to do of course. We understand if you’d rather place them in and around someone elses home (with their permission of course).


Our store right here on the angelKat site offers high quality books, prints, t-shirts, and more at a reasonable price. So why not decorate those walls, fill up those bookshelves, and slip into something punny?

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If you’re short on physical space but have plenty of gadgets why not grab some digital goodies instead? You’ll find our comics, books, and Patreon “back issues” archive ready to buy and download over on Gumroad!

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Official Merch

You can also grab yourself some official angelKat goodies on your favourite art merchandise sites too. Whether you’re a regular on Society6, Redbubble, and Teepublic OR you simply really have to have that butt pattern covered duvet – check out the links below!

No Cash? No Problem!

We know what it’s like. There’s never quite enough cash to go around and we’d all love to buy all of the art, comics, games, and t-shirts we fall in love with… but there’s a reason they’ve been on our wishlists for a while. But don’t despair, there are plenty of ways you can still show your support and help us make angelKat awesome!

Street Team

Are we really going with “Street Team“? What is this, some kind of mid-90’s indie music scene?

Anyway… One of the biggest hurdles indie creators face is reaching new audiences. With social media algorithms and so many voices out there it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. But that’s where you come in!

We’d love it if our readers would help spread the word about angelKat. Whether that’s sharing links to our content online, telling friends about our art, reviewing our comics on YouTube, or dropping off flyers at your local comic book shop – it all helps.

Download the kit below for some ideas and resources to get started.

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More Ways To Help

  • Sign Up: join our newsletter or Discord channel to stay up to date and join in on the conversation.
  • Word of Mouth: tell your friends about us, post reviews for our books and art on Amazon, Goodreads, etc. If you have a YouTube channel or blog – why not write a review or post some fan art directing people to the angelKat site with a link?
  • Social Media: follow us and share our posts, you can even use the share our comics, art, blogs, and merch using the buttons on this site too!
  • Photos: have you got one of our prints on your wall, or cosplayed as one of our characters? We’d love to see – just remember to tag us.
  • Events: if you have a local Comic or Anime Con that you’d like us to come to, you can let us know – but also don’t be afraid to suggest a convention invite us as art guests/panelists.
  • Vote: you can help us rank higher on comic listings and nominate our comics for awards. Check out our TopWebComics links on our comic hubs, and keep an eye out for announcements on our blog!
  • Say Hello: it may sound silly, but sometimes just knowing that we’re not screaming into the void of the internet helps motivate us to keep going. Don’t be afraid to say hello, or let us know what you liked about our latest page or art post.