Thoughtbubble 2014!

13th November 2014

This weekend I’ll be in Leeds for Thought Bubble Sequential Art Festival along with a ton of other awesome artists.

I’ll be at table 181B in New Dock Hall – sharing table 181 with the awesome team behind Meta Rising. I’ll have Fera and The Editors on sale, as well as artwork – I’ll also be sketching angelKats/butts, and taking digital commission orders too over the weekend.

Thought Bubble is my last convention of 2014, and it’s a fun show to end the year on so make sure that you don’t miss it!

The usual safety things apply – it may be colder weather now but you should still stay hydrated whilst roaming the convention hall so make sure that you have enough to drink and eat. There is a bar in the venue, and there’s Pizza Express (?) next door, as well as a Tesco just around the corner… if my memory is even vaguely reliable (there’s also this really awesome little place that does the nicest sausage/bacon sandwiches nearby and I wish I remembered what it’s called – it’s next to the massive sculpture of wheat(?)). Keep your money/wallet/purse in a safe place and please don’t forget it and leave it on one of the tables – Thought Bubble is a pretty large event and these things can be hard to find if you lose them. If you do, make sure to either retrace your steps or check with the organisers/staff as there may be some kind of lost property thing. I’ll be bringing my card reader which will hopefully work – so I will be able to accept card payment if you’d prefer (or simply haven’t been able to get to a cash machine).

Are there any artists you’re looking forward to meet at Thought Bubble this year? For me it’s definitely Danielle Corsetto of Girls with Slingshots assuming I can get away from my own table for a moment. For those who are also fans of hers she’ll be in the Teepee at table 110

I hope to see some of you there!

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