Review: The Zombie Hunters!

15th February 2009

The Zombie Hunters by Jenny Romanchuk

Another brilliant comic, although this time far grittier and a graphic novel style as opposed to a strip. We see the exploits of the few survivors of a Zombie Apocalypse, salvaging whatever they need to keep their people going. As you can guess this team is well equipped to fight the impending Zombie hordes- with shovels and everything.

I’m a huge fan of old Zombie films (Romero was a genious and even some spoofs were great) and not normally fond of running Zombies. Romanchuck has re-envisioned the Zombie genre and added variations on the typical shambling horde including some interesting creations.

If you like Zombie films, post apocalyptic stories, human survival and simply breathtaking and gritty/dark art then The Zombie Hunters really is the place to go.

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