Review: Sequential Art!

10th June 2009

Sequential Art by Philip M. Jackson

One of those comics that can make you smile 9 times out of 10. The artwork is cute at times and the story arcs are always fun.

It has everything you need from a cast- a comic obsessed pervy Penguin, a gamer/artist, a photographer cat girl… and a psychotic, innocent, dumb-yet-genius squirrel and strange shadow creatures with evil in mind. With the cast that how can it not be fun?

Prepare for anything from silly practical jokes, parodies, Penguins saving the world Bond-style and Mad Science- it has all of these by the bucket load.
At first glance you may think “Hold on- is this comic not trying to appeal to too wide of an audience?” but despite having so many contrasting storylines it really does work. The entire strip is often witty and after reading a few pages you can’t help but care about this close-knit group of characters.

So seriously go take a look- if you like a story that has enough gags to make you smile every page or two then you’ll love this strip.

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