Review: Last Res0rt!

28th March 2009

Last Res0rt by Rachel Kelensky

Describing itself as “the cyberpunk furry webcomic” it more than delivers. We are treated with what is one of the better furry comics out there with a strangely reminiscent setting.

I’m a sucker for cyberpunk and steampunk but when I first started reading Last Res0rt I was still in the mind set of “furry label = bad”- not because I dislike furry in any sense, but simply that I had written a number of stories in the past that contained furry characters and the negative stigma attached to the style made me hesitant to share them with the world. If anything Last Res0rt was one of the two webcomics that really made me think I should give FERA a go.

For anyone who remembers the Running Man film the setting will seem familiar- we have criminals and the volunteers entered into a violent reality tv show. Some of these criminals are brutal, heartless and terrifying- yet somehow our “innocent” heroine, one Jigsaw, is twice as scary. We may think of her as good but she really does have a dark side, and it’ll be interesting to see how this displays in the coming chapters.

Over the course of the story we’ve been introduced to a huge amount of characters and I take my hat off to Rachel for the amount of effort that must go into each page especially when a large portion of those characters make appearances.

We have the usual assortment of humans, furries, lizards, aliens etc. as well as the occasional vampire- thankfully not the sparkly kind, and they certainly come off as being more threat than any thing else. I’m interested to see how the “Light Child” background progresses, as (if I’m remembering correctly) they are essentially autistic in some sense. Personally I’m curious mostly because Donna, my fiancee, cared for her younger brother, who is a non-verbal autistic, most of her life.

Despite the quite dark premise there is an element of humour, the characters themselves are witty and intelligent but also we see at times a slap-stick element. The two seem to rarely be seen together any more and the combination is a nice change.

I can’t think of much else to say about Last Res0rt. If you like a good story, humour, drama and action as well as plenty of characters to read about then you can’t too much better than reading this.

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