Review: Khaos Komic!

1st March 2009

Khaos Komic by Tab Kimpton

Another comic that is well worth a look, if only due to its unique storytelling. I have to admit, I have seen this technique used before, although if Khaos Komic is anything to go by it certainly lends itself more to the visual medium than the text based medium it tends to be seen in.

The current story follows the lives of a group of friends, as they find love, discover themselves and learn how to deal with their discoveries. The comic itself may not be to everyones taste as it does contain a large amount of homosexual relationships, love interests etc. Whilst it contains gay, lesbian and even transgender characters I would hope that wouldn’t put people off, because it really is a great read.

The interest comes in that these events are repeated through the eyes of each character in turn. So things we didn’t see or simply the thought process of the people involved are shown to us over time. It’s amazing to see those things you missed in previous accounts have such a huge impact on the following events. Kimpton has successfully put together an intertwined story that is beautifully complex and the characters perceptions and thought processes are brilliantly portrayed.

Definitely one to read if you enjoy real character development and interesting storytelling techniques.

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