Review: Broken Plot Device!

18th April 2009

Broken Plot Device by Lis “LizardBeth” Boriss

What can I say? Broken Plot Device is an excellent comic filled with geek references, parody and some times downright sillyness.

I started reading BPD shortly after starting FERA and was bowled away- the artwork is great, the cast of characters seems huge but at the same time each of them is unique and interesting.

Perhaps the hook that pulled me in may not apply to some but the opening strip brilliantly shows the mixture of pride and terror when publishing that first page of your webcomic.

Over the course of the comic we’re introduced to various characters, and there’s plenty of geek-goings-on whether that be perverted cyber-pets, gadgetry, pokemon and much more.

If you like geek-stuff, don’t mind anthro characters and love great art then you really should check BPD out. What more can I say… theres Dragons and Ninjas if that helps? And the creator also does a regular ustream of her working on various pieces of art- as with the other ustreams I’ve seen (such as Lar DeSouza, Jennie Breeden and Keith W.) its all good stuff and if you’re like me you’ll enjoy learning how others do their work and perhaps it’ll help improve your own.

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