Review: Astray3!

20th February 2009

Astray3 by Eldon Cowgur

What can I say about Astray3? Eldon has created an amazing world, where every page practically begs more questions. There is something so riveting about the story, the details of the world and its creatures that makes this one comic that once you get started reading you won’t want to stop.

As we did when we were children watching sci-fi on tv or reading a great novel, we are transported from our world into Eldon’s exquisitely crafted imagination. The level of detail is astounding and really harks back to the old style european comic books we grew up with.

With the fast pace of updates (6 days per week?) the story progresses quickly and honestly once you start reading it really is a blessing to have a new page the following day.

Without giving too much away (and if I even interpret correctly)- Emily, an indecisive girl is doing nothing with her life, and when it comes time to make a decision she is whisked away to another world beyond her control. When she arrives she finds herself surrounded by apparent monsters, and discovers that in this world, she has certain advantages. She can’t quite leap tall buildings in a single bound. She isn’t a super hero but in this world she has slightly improved physical abilities. And did I mention her blood/spit is like acid to those who wish to hurt her? How does it even know? Eldon hasn’t told us yet, but thats yet another mystery that begs to be answered and will keep the anxious reader coming back for more.

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