London MCM Comic Con October 2014!

21st October 2014

I’ll be in London for MCM Comic Con this weekend (24th – 26th October) with Donna and a whole bunch of other amazing artists too. I’ll have comics, art prints, ACEO’s, and more – with the usual £2 convention sketches (angelKat or butt: it’s your choice!), and I’ll even be taking orders for digital commissions too!

We’ll be in the Comic Village at table CG1. See the maps above for directions, but we’re pretty much directly behind “All The Anime”, which means simply following the aisle that includes Manga UK, CEX, Ubisoft, and Universal towards the large hanging banners marked “Comic Village” at the back of the north hall.

The two London MCM shows are the largest of their kind in the UK and well worth checking out whether you’re into film, comics, tv, anime, gaming, or generally geekiness. The show this month boasts some cool guests like Daniel Radcliffe, Amber Benson, and Saul Rubinek… a ton of YouTube guests at VidfestUK including Rooster Teeth, Cyanide and Happiness, Yogscast, Third Party Controller, Emma Blackery, Eddsworld, and Weebl. Not to mention the amazing artists and writers that will be in the Comic Village and the surrounding exhibitors areas too.

MCM can get incredibly busy and crowded, so make sure that you take precautions before attending to make sure that you have as much fun as possible as safely as possible. Bring water with you and stay hydrated – it may not feel like it but the show does get very warm and even walking around all day does take it’s toll (same goes for getting food when you can). If you’re attending with friends, make sure to get have each others phone numbers, and arrange a place to meet up if you get separated.

I’ll be bringing my card reader this weekend and so should be able to take card and paypal payments at the show. The ATM’s at the Excel are fairly good, but do keep in mind that they will have queues and will run out of cash over the weekend – so if you can try to get your cash on your way to the venue, and store it safely (in multiple pockets/socks/whatever. As I said last time, I wish I didn’t have to mention it, but remember this is a massive event with a large crowd and as such there is a potential for pickpockets so it’s only common sense to take some precautions to protect your valuables.

I hope to see you guys there, be sure to stop by at table CG1 in the Comic Village! And to keep up to date since it’ll probably be the only place I’ll be posting online over the weekend, make sure to follow me on Twitter!

Until next time!

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