Kickstarter: Project Autumn!

3rd June 2015

Project Autumn is not your typical anthology – instead of 10 artists telling stories based on a theme, we have 10 artists telling a single story, spanning 10 worlds.

Project Autumn: One Story. Ten Worlds. Ten Artists!

So what is Project Autumn about? Well, we have a world hopping not-really-a-hero guy called Orion. He’s auditioning for a job as a Sun Setter – a walking apocalypse. Essentially when worlds are past their prime his job is to give them that final push towards destruction in order to recycle their energy for the rest of the multiverse. The cool thing about this project is that each world that Orion visits is illustrated by a different artist, with the art styles themselves playing a part in how challenging each world will be for him.

The list of artists working on the project is amazing and I’m honoured to be amongst such a talented group of creators. The artists have all been sourced from London MCM Comic Con’s Comic Village and MCM even let us run a panel at their show to launch the Kickstarter which was pretty cool. The plan is that if this is successful a 2nd book will be made with a different 10 artists sourced from UK comic conventions as an on going showcase of the UK comic/small press scene. And that’s not even mentioning the art card series that will accompany the book and feature even more artists!

We’re hoping that the book will be released some time around October – but before we can make that happen we need to fully fund the Kickstarter and we only have a couple of weeks left to do so.

Every $1 helps us get closer to our goal – not to mention that if a lot of you pledge just $1 we’ll appear on the Kickstarter front page giving the campaign a little more exposure! If you can’t spare $1 I understand, times are hard, but you can still help make this project a reality by sharing the link and details everywhere you can. Tell your friends, family, share if on social media/forums etc.

For more info and to back the project click the link below to the Kickstarter page – every $1 helps AND so does every share too!

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