EdenCon 2015!

13th April 2015

This Saturday (18th April) I’ll be heading west to Carlisle for EdenCon at the University of Cumbria’s Brampton Road Campus. From the organisers behind MegaCon which we exhibited at a year or two ago, this show promises to continue on from that success whilst “focusing on slightly different areas”.

It looks like it’ll be a fun day – they’ve already got a few cosplay groups, gaming tournaments, art contests, and a decent selection of artists too. Headline guests include Annie Parkhouse, Steve Parkhouse, Gary Erskine, and more!

The show starts at 11am until 6pm – tickets are only £5 and that includes a raffle/competition entry.

You’ll find us and a few other local artists listed under the “shops” section.

As with any convention, remember to keep your valuables safe, stay fed/hydrated, and if you have any issues get in touch with a member of convention staff. It’s a small enough event that you shouldn’t need to worry about getting lost, but just in case you’re attending as a group or family make sure to agree on a safe place to meet up later if you get separated.

I’m not sure what the cash machine/ATM situation is, but considering that it’s a university campus there are probably some around. I’ll be bringing my card reader so I should be able to take card payments assuming it continues to work, however, not everyone will take card so it’s always a good idea to bring as much cash as you think you will need. That includes for food/drinks, any gaming tournaments you want to enter (I believe they’re £2-£5), and any merch/art/commissions you may want to buy.

I’ll be doing my usual “quick” convention sketches from £2, but will also have comics, new art prints, etc. on sale at the table as well as taking larger digital commission projects. So be sure to stop by and say hello!

If you can’t make it, most of the items that I’ll have on sale are available to buy online via our store!

Until next time!

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