Chibi Sunny 2015!

1st September 2015

In under two weeks time the organisers of SunnyCon will be taking their mini/taster event to their brand new home in Newcastle Upon Tyne!

Unlike it’s big sister, Chibi Sunny is a one day event, but like SunnyCon itself there’ll be plenty to see and do. With a whole host of artists, dealers, talks, contests, cosplay, it’s one not to miss whether you’re local or not. Every year that we’ve exhibited it’s had an amazing atmosphere and really is simply a “Chibi” scale SunnyCon. So, if you’ve ever wanted to check out what all of the fuss is about Sunny – then this is the show for you. And not only that but Quinton Flynn will be returning as a guest! There’s even a party on a boat afterwards.

So, on Sunday 13th September we’ll be heading up the river Tyne and setting up our table filled with comics, art, and more! We’ll even be bringing back the “Sketch Machine of Doom!” which proved popular at SunnyCon in summer. For those who don’t know what that is, we have an ‘astounding’ device that produces random prompts which we interpret to create a unique sketch just for you! Last time we had everything from Disco Vikings, to Shakespeare as a Vocaloid.

We’ll be bringing our card reader although I’m sure St. James’ Park will have cash machines somewhere, and we’ll also be accepting commission orders on the day too.

Even though this is a small event – remember to take the usual safety precautions (water, eat stuff, sleep, personal hygiene, keep your valuables safe, etc). But also generally be respectful and polite to everyone, and that includes no groping or harassing cosplayers. If you are being harassed by someone make sure to tell the convention staff – they’re great folks and will do everything they can to make sure everyone has a fun and safe event.

You can also stay up to date with what we’re doing during the show on Twitter and Instagram! Other artists who will be attending include;

We hope to see some of you there!

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