Chibi Sunny 2014!

17th November 2014

This Saturday (8th November), I’ll be exhibiting at Chibi Sunny at The Pullman in Sunderland. It’s a lovely little free event from the organisers of SunnyCon, and yes it’s free to attend. You can choose to donate in a “pay what you like” kind of way on the door, funds go towards making the main SunnyCon show even bigger and better next year.

Chibi Sunny will be open from 10am to 6pm, with a whole host of fun stuff from amazing artist/trader stalls, to panels, karaoke, gaming, cosplay contests, and more. Not to mention that after 7pm the “Poke-Ball” afterparty will be in full swing until 2am. The Poke-Ball is 18+ however and there will be a £3 entrance fee.

I’ll have comics and art for sale – and both Donna and myself will be doing sketches and taking commission orders throughout the day. So whether you want a new comic to read, a print for your wall, or some original art that’s yours alone, you should come and say hello! I plan to bring my card reader with me, so I should be able to accept payments via card as I think the nearest ATM is at Morrisons down the road (it’s only a couple minutes away).

I’ll be hosting two panels – the first is at 10:30am and I’ll be talking about making comics, where to start, and some tips on best practices to save you from tearing your hair out when you eventually take your book to print. I’ll also be hosting a second talk at 2pm where I’ll be discussing artist alleys, and tips for artists planning to exhibit at a convention for the first time.

The lovely and very talented Courtney will be running a Chibi Art panel at 3:10pm too which should be a lot of fun!

Other artists in attendance include our friends; Sophira-Lou, and Sparkiiro.

All the usual safety stuff applies as with any other convention. Any public event there’s the chance of pickpockets, or losing things by putting them down somewhere (seriously the amount of times I’ve had to chase after people who have left their wallets on my table is scary) – so in either circumstance do be aware of where your valuables are at all times. If you do find that something is missing be sure to find a member of staff and report it – you never know someone may have handed the item in. Remember to stay fed and watered – the bar and restaurant are open all day and they do serve some really nice food. If you’d rather something cheaper there’s a Morrisons a short walk from the venue too. If you have any problems during the day speak to the SunnyCon staff/volunteers – they’re a friendly bunch and they’ll do whatever they can to help.

Anyway, I hope to see you guys there – and as always feel free to stop by for a chat!

Until next time!

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