3 Weeks & 3 Conventions!

22nd March 2012

In the next three weeks there’ll be a Feran presence at three events across the UK.

We’re at Sunny Con this weekend (24th-25th March) [link] , a new animé convention in the heart of Sunderland. We’ll have the Fera comics on sale, as well as art prints, badges, and more (including previews for our newest comic book title). We’ll be joined by , Tab Kimpton, and
I’ll also be exhibiting at Birmingham Comic Con (MCM Expo)  [link] at the NEC next weekend (31st March – 1st April). We’ll be joined by and many more.

And the weekend after that it’ll be a trip to Dee-Con 2012 at the Dundee University Students Association (7th April) [link]

So if you’re local to any of these events, or want to come along and meet some really cool artists (and us of course) – make sure to get your tickets and we’ll see you there!

In other news – I’m currently working on getting Fera issue #3 and a new title (The Editors issue #1) ready for print. The plan is to complete all pages of these two issues by 17th April and sent off to Ka-Blam. I should then have copies of each available at London MCM Expo in May. This also means that we’ll be returning to a weekly schedule next week. AND there are plans afoot to combine the first three issues of Fera into a beautifully bound trade paperback of 110+ pages, comprising the first three issues AND some extras not available anywhere else.

I’ll also be re-launching the site in May, with a new design and layout – the new angelKat site will include:

And for those asking “What’s this Editors thing?” I’ve mentioned it briefly here and there, and have samples with me at events. The Editors is a new comic title that I’m co-creating with a good friend of mine Paul Burr. “Set in a universe of capes and intrigue – when the world goes into crisis and is too far gone to save, The Editors step in an reset it all. Over the millennia sometimes there’s a glitch in the system, and this time the worlds 2nd worst villain wakes up partway through a reset… and he remembers everything.”

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