Cast & Creators

Find out more about the cast and creator of The Editors!

The Editors is a classic super hero world with a dark secret. A clandestine group are changing continuity, starting over, and cleaning up the mess left by heroes and villains alike. Perhaps their motives are pure: finding a solution to the end of the world. Or perhaps the lives of the inhabitants of this world are being altered for their own amusement.

But before you dive into our caper of heroes and villains: why not find out a little more about the cast?

Meet the Cast:


Bulletproof. Mob Boss. Forgotten.

A brawler by nature, Caliban has time and again risen to the highest ranks of this worlds super villains. It certainly doesn’t hurt that he’s bulletproof. He’s used to the finer things, and has a code of sorts, but is not afraid to get his hands dirty. He never dreamed that he’d be teaming up with heroes to save the world. Or that he’d be completely forgotten.

You looked behind the curtain, didn’t you?

This strange duo of Editor agents are attempting to clean up the mess that our rogue villain is causing and to put him back on ice. While Mr Blink appears to be a stern old detective, his partner Mr Grey is as amoral and twisted as they come. Hopefully they can fix things before someone worse has to be called in.


What’s that on the horizon?

Our worlds beloved hero and symbol of peace. As heroes go he’s pretty paint by the numbers; perfect hair, charming smile, boy scout personality, and billowing cape. He’ll save your grandma’s cat, foil a bank robbery, and volunteer at your local soup kitchen without breaking a sweat.


Skynet ain’t got nothin’ on her.

EVE, created to be a new kind of hero by tech genius Hephaestus. A humanoid AI, capable of saving us all or destroying the world. When we first meet her a viral bug has turned her into the greatest threat our heroes (and villains) have ever faced. Perhaps on the next go around things will turn out differently.

Created By:

Paul Burr (Writer)

Writer, nerd, and DM.

A long time avid fan of all things nerd ever since his older brother introduced him to their local comic book shop as an impressionable scamp. From that day he has been scribbling his mad ravings on paper in the hopes that people will one day read them. His comic, The Editors, was met with rave reviews and went on to be nominated for a British Comic Award.

Paul is a veteran hobbyist and tabletop Game/Dungeon Master, and a fountain of comic book trivia.

Davy Shirley (Artist)

Digital artist, code monkey, and pun enthusiast.

Davy has been creating comics for over a decade, collaborating with creators from Disney and IDW, lettering official manga translations, and more. His debut LGBTQ+ comic series, Fera, has been nominated for Eagle Awards and British Comic Awards.

In his downtime he enjoys story-rich video games, tinkering with code (got to make use of that software engineering degree somehow), and annoying his other half with increasingly terrible puns.