Shorts and Previews from angelKat.

Presents showcases our short comics, upcoming releases, and more including;

The adorable misadventures of angelKat, a winged kitten with a big heart and a mischievous glint in his eye.

A queer sci-fi tale of love, friendship, and humanity surviving amongst the stars.

We’re nerds and like to roll dice every now and then to unwind. But how do our fantasy counterparts blow off steam?

Well, that’s simple: they find a dark corner in the least leaky tavern in town and play a game of office politics and middle management.

A short comic about dealing with grief and insomnia.

A semi-autobiographical account of the lives of angelKat artists including travel, Comic Cons, terrible puns, and more.

Writers: Davy Shirley, Anna Kyung, Paul Burr
Artists: Davy Shirley, Donna McGarry