Cast & Creator

Find out more about the cast and creator of Fera!

Fera is set in the strange and fantastic world of Mu: our worlds long forgotten twin that has returned to the skies above Earth. A world filled with monsters, wonders, and adventure! Our heroes set out to rescue their grandfather from the warlords that stole him away during a coup. What will they find on their quest? Answers, allies, new enemies, and perhaps romance.

But before you join our intrepid adventurers on their first journey out into their world and beyond… why not learn a little about them?

Meet the Cast:

Kato Marucci

When it comes to romance she’s oblivious.

Heir to the Marucci clan and trained from childhood in stealth and blades, Kato is a skilled fighter. Perhaps a little over confident at times. If only the same were true in other parts of her life. Like love and romance. It seems that pretty girls (or one pretty girl in particular) will turn our oblivious hero into an awkward, dorky, gay mess.

Dee Alwood

Some bunny is smitten with a kitten.

An orphan, Dee was adopted and raised by the Marucci blacksmith. The first person in any group to suggest taking something apart to figure out how it works, she’s often a little over enthusiastic about strange devices. And more than a little enthusiastic about a certain feline.

Dominique Marucci

Four minutes older. It’s important.

Fellow heir to the Marucci clan, Kato’s twin sister is the captain of the city guard. A skilled swordfighter, she loves to tease her romantically inept sister with her sharp wit. Dom’ may be full of confident swagger, used to giving orders – but under that facade she’s a fiercely loyal friend with a warm heart.

Misty Howe

A mystery, wrapped in a redhead.

Rescued from merfolk traders by our heroes, her origins are as murky as her own memories. A human from Earth, the only key to her past a book full of equations and manic scrawlings. How did she find herself so far from home? And how can a human perform magic?

Created By:

Davy Shirley (Artist/Writer)

Digital artist, code monkey, and pun enthusiast.

Davy has been creating comics for over a decade, collaborating with creators from Disney and IDW, lettering official manga translations, and more. His debut LGBTQ+ comic series, Fera, has been nominated for Eagle Awards and British Comic Awards.

In his downtime he enjoys story-rich video games, tinkering with code (got to make use of that software engineering degree somehow), and annoying his other half with increasingly terrible puns.