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We love collaborating with other creatives on art, comics, and more. Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to work with some of our favourite creators and events on projects that are dear to our hearts.

From webcomic community art projects, art for charitable causes, to published books – we’ve loved working on them all, and we hope that you’ll enjoy the final results too!


Art books and comics that we’ve worked on!

We’ve had some amazing opportunities to work on books with some of our favourite talented creators. Whether it was guest art in their books, or collaborating on comics – they’ve all presented unique but fun challenges.

Project Autumn

1 Story / 10 Artists!

This was an amazing anthology project with a difference. As our hero “recycles” doomed worlds, each illustrated by a different artist we were able to showcase the talent of the Comic Village in a single story. Creators involved have worked with Marvel, Disney, and IDW!

Project Autumn was published by Brambletyne, with our original print run successfully Kickstarted and launched at London MCM Comic Con!

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Sophiralou’s Carousel themed art book!

We are proud to have been invited to take part in Sophiralou’s gorgeous artbook. As one of the bonus guest artists, angelKat created our very own Carousel monster girl.

Our submission was a deer girl with fashion inspired by the polka dot filled Rockabilly style of the 1950s. She was incredibly fun to design and quite different from our usual fare at the time.

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Community Projects

Good old fashioned art fun!

As part of the wider art community we have participated in more than a few interesting art challenges and collaborative creations. Sometimes these have just been for fun, but they’ve always truly been about coming together as a community of creators to share our work with the world.

Webcomic Tarot Project

A beautiful tarot deck featuring webcomic creators!

The brain child of Miluette, this project brought online comic creators together from across genres, styles, and indeed continents to create something extraordinary.

We were honoured to be allowed to recreate the Justice card of the major arcana featuring Dominique Marucci from our very own Fera! With creators past and present involved it’s a wonderful webcomic time capsule.

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Valentines Day S*x Drive

A body positive annual art event!

Every year a group of artists creates character illustrations and pin ups celebrating the human or at least humanoid form. Past participants include some of the very best webcomics have to offer with a lot of LGBTQ+ creators involved.

We do recommend that you click the button below with caution however as this is definitely a NSFW project.

Caution: NSFW

Webcomic Planet Collective

Not to forget where it all began…

As an early member of the Webcomic Planet Collective back in 2009, we were involved in some amazing community project and events. This small community was what made us fall in love with webcomics and we honestly don’t know if angelKat would exist today without it.

WCP was ran by Frumph – the man behind Comic Press and Comic Easel, and provided information, support, and a sense of community for it’s members. angelKat helped to run a cross promotional themed art gallery on the site, and made some life long friends in the process.

Some of the projects the group were involved with included the “Webcomic War!” – a fun promotional event competing for points encouraging reviews, cross promotion, and seeking out reader support and marketing opportunities. And, of course, our webcomic series featuring several artists as they created a webcomic equivalent of the reality TV show “Big Brother”.

The Comic Village Alliance

A community for UK-based comic creatives!

The CVA has been a wonderful resource for creators in the UK. What started as simply a group of us in London MCM Comic Con’s artist alley known as the “Comic Village” sharing resources and information has became a cornerstone of our community.

The group has provided a place to gather feedback to improve the artist alley experience for creators and attendees, and spawned the ComicShowTables mailing list that makes sure small artists will never miss an announcement of artist alley table booking availability!

So whether you’re a seasoned pro or looking to exhibit at your first artist alley in the UK – check out The CVA on Facebook for great resources, advice, and support from fellow creators!

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Charitable Causes

Fundraising for good causes!

Community is all about helping those in need, and here at angelKat we believe that it is our duty to do what we can to make the world a little brighter. Whether that’s through bringing joy and representation through our stories, or getting involved in charity fundraising events to help those in need.

SunnyCon Charity Auction

Our favourite local event doing good!

SunnyCon Anime Expo is held annually in our local city Newcastle Upon Tyne. And every year they hold what has to be the most competitive geek bidding war you’ll ever witness known as their Charity Auction.

With items donated by artists like angelKat, props, Power Ranger helmets, autographs, and shaving staff members… it can get intense. The auction has helped raise funds for a variety of charities including North East Autism Society which has a special place in our families hearts.

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LGBTQ+ Webcomic Art Auction

Supporting LGBTQ+ college scholarships!

A group of LGBTQ+ comic artists banded together to auction off original artwork to raise funds for the Point Foundation. The group included 5 members of the Webcomic Planet Collective including J. Gray, and Amy Letts.

The Point Foundation provides college scholarships, mentoring, and training for LGBTQ+ youth. Point’s work is vital because nearly one-third of LGBTQ+ students drop out of high school to escape the violence, harassment, and isolation they face there. As a result, many LGBTQ+ students say they are not planning to pursue opportunities for higher education.

Comic Creators For Freedom

Fighting child traficking with the power of art!

Every year over 100 comic artists come together to create a single digital wallpaper combining all of their artwork. Featuring characters from each artists work to huge crowd scenes, snowball fights, high school yearbooks, etc. All to raise donations for charities that help to end child traficking and help the victims of this terrible crime.

At last count this donation drive had raised almost $30,000 for Love146 through the efforts of artists and the fans who donated!

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