Free Worldwide Shipping!

Some of you may have noticed that we now have a Society6 store. For those who don’t know what that is, Society6 is a print on demand service where our artwork is turned into anything from art prints, to t-shirts, mugs, and more! You can even buy a duvet with our artwork on now… not entirely sure why you’d want to but feel free to prove me wrong on that one.

They have a nice selection of t-shirts, hoodies, laptop/phone cases, and plenty of other things to ooh and ahh at too. We only have a teeny amount of designs uploaded so far (a whole eight), but feel free to check them out – everything from the gorgeous blue haired Summer who you may have seen in our shiny new header images here on the site, to slime girls, honorary cat girl stamps, and even a brand new “Everyone Likes Butts” design which I’m sure that you’ll all love since you all ask for butt sketches quite a lot at conventions.

Right now and until midnight on 12th April though, Society6 is doing “Artist Promotions” – simply put they’re doing free worldwide shipping on all of my products. Which is really cool if like me you don’t live in the US and would otherwise pay a fair bit extra for shipping. There are a couple of limitations, no rugs, no framed art prints, no canvasses – I’m guessing they’re awkward to package in some way.

And you can only get the free shipping if you use this shiny link to get to the store:

Can’t find something in my store that grabs your attention right now? Whilst I don’t think my promo code will work on other stores (sorry), you can check out some of my favourite designs by other artists that you may like by clicking here.

Until next time…