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When a two-bit crook wakes up during a routine Editor procedure, and escapes into a brave new world, what is he to think? Is he dead? Has he gone insane? Has he travelled back in time? And if so, will he use his knowledge to avert disaster or for his own selfish ends?

The Editors are a clandestine group, shaping the universe and controlling the lives of heroes and villains alike. They step in when heroes go too far, when villains go unchecked, and the world ends. But sometimes they make mistakes.

WARNING: The Editors is recommended for Teen+ audiences due to fantasy violence, occasional strong language, and some non-sexual nudity.

Creative Team

Paul Burr (Writer)

Born in 1986 Paul has long been an avid fan of all things nerd and this probably stems from his older brother taking him on trips to Newcastle to visit the local comic book shop. To his young eyes this place was an Aladdin’s cave that smelt vaguely of pot and ever since then he has been scribbling his mad ravings on paper in the hopes people will one day read them.

Davy Shirley (Artist)

Owner and editor of angelKat Entertainment, can often be found drinking tea and muttering about death rays. He has been writing and sketching for as long as his tea-addled mind can remember, with a passion for comics and great storytelling. As well as being the lead artist/editor on most of our titles, Davy is also our resident code monkey because that BSc in software engineering has to be good for something right?

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