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angelKat Presents is where we will be releasing previews of our print and digital comics. All of the titles featured here will be available to purchase from our store.

WARNING: Some of these titles are not suitable for all ages. Covers for each preview will include a rating such as: Everyone (E), Teen+, Mature (M). Reader discretion is advised.

Some Of The Titles Here

Colony Alpha Lima (Teen+)

Writer: Anna Sheldrick | Artist: Davy Shirley

Earth has all but been lost to war, but humanity has survived by colonising space.

A sci-fi tale of love amongst the stars – two childhood friends have fallen in love only to find themselves flung to opposite ends of the galaxy as humanities follies catch up with them.

angelKat Adventures (All Ages)

Writer/Artist: Davy Shirley

The adorable misadventures of angelKat, a winged kitten with a big heart and a mischievous glint in his eye.

Offices & Accountants (Teen+)

Writer: Paul Burr | Artist: Donna McGarry

We’re nerds and like to roll dice every now and then to unwind. But how do our fantasy counterparts blow off steam?

Well, that’s simple: they find a dark corner in the least leaky tavern in town and play a game of office politics and middle management.

Safe Space (Teen+)

Writer/Artist: Davy Shirley

A short comic about dealing with grief and insomnia.

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