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Hier Spirits is the on going tale of two season spirits solving supernatural mysteries as they pursue their dream of being Private Eyes in a world of myths, magic, and paying rent.

Summer and Winter are tired of the clock-in-clock-out daily grind of keeping the weather and nature in check and after a cosmic theft they’re sent down a path to become supernatural Private Investigators amidst a cast of gods, demons, supernatural critters, and oblivious mortals, with only their wits, skills, and love for each other to rely upon.

WARNING: Hier Spirits is recommended for Teen+ audiences due to fantasy violence, occasional strong language, and some non-sexual nudity. Also contains LGBT/Queer romance.

Meet The Cast

Summer (#332960073452) – getting into the family business was a given, but for our Summer, trying to live down her families past and making a name for herself was never going to be easy. Especially when all she really wants to do is watch old noir films whilst cuddling with her very own gal friday. And maybe, one day, find some mysteries to solve herself.

Winter (#X00006539) – the latest recruit of ANGL-359 and long suffering girlfriend/gal friday of Summer. She’s definitely the sensible one in their relationship and whilst she secretly also loves those noir films, she knows it’ll take more than a hunch to pay the rent. Sadly, her parents are quietly disappointed that she chose spirit agency work over the fertility deity family company.

Mr. Y (#522358655778) – the current manager of field branch ANGL-359, Mr. Y is the Japanese personification of Gay… sadly due to his form being influenced by mortals perceptions… he’s currently two very large disembodied hands, but he tries not to let that bother him too much.

Grandma (#NUNOFURBZNS) – Summers grandma is a nice old lady, most of the time. She’s the original personification of British Summer, and is getting on a bit. It’s believed that she may be one of the most powerful summer spirits to ever exist since mortals can’t seem to shut up about her. With power like hers though, dementia doesn’t help.

Zeus (#000000000001) – yes, that Zeus. After losing everything to Hera in a long anticipated divorce settlement, he now works back office at ANGL-359… where he spends most of his time in sexual harrassment seminars.


Davy Shirley - Writer and Artist

Davy Shirley

Davy can often be found drinking tea and muttering about death rays.

He has been writing and sketching for as long as his tea-addled mind can remember, with a passion for comics and great storytelling.

As well as being the lead artist/editor on most of our titles, Davy is also our resident code monkey because that BSc in software engineering has to be good for something right?

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Twitch @t_iii

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