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Fera is the tale of a group of friends as they embark on an epic journey of love, loss, and adventure across their world and beyond. Set on Earths’ sister planet Mu, recently returned to their intertwined orbit, the source of our myths of magic and monsters. The Ferans are a proud feline race, and their home has been attacked by invaders. The head of the Marucci clan is taken as a war trophy, and amidst a coup only his granddaughters and their friends will be able to rescue him, uncover the plots of their enemies, and save their home.

Alliances will be forged, new friends discovered, monsters battled, and the discovery of first love.

WARNING: Fera is recommended for Teen+ audiences due to fantasy violence, occasional strong language, and some non-sexual nudity. Also contains LGBT/Queer romance, and cat girls – not a warning, just something you might like to know.

Meet The Cast

Kato Marucci - Feran - Female - Dual wielding rogue - Oblivious Gay
Dee Alwood - Lepus - Female - Gadgeteer/Fighter - Punsexual
Dominique Marucci - Feran - Female - Swordswoman and Sister - Token Straight
Misty Howe - Human - Female - Magic User - Has No Idea What's Going On


Davy Shirley - Writer and Artist

Davy Shirley

Davy can often be found drinking tea and muttering about death rays.

He has been writing and sketching for as long as his tea-addled mind can remember, with a passion for comics and great storytelling.

As well as being the lead artist/editor on most of our titles, Davy is also our resident code monkey because that BSc in software engineering has to be good for something right?

Twitter @t_iii
Instagram @t_iiiake
Facebook @angelKatEntertainment
Twitch @t_iii

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