Frequently Asked Questions

Below we will try to answer some of the more frequently asked questions that we receive. If you have a new question, not yet answered here, or would like clarification please feel free to drop us an email at ( )

Are you available for Commissions or Freelance Projects?

Of course. Davy is available to hire for personal commissions and larger freelance projects, dependant on his existing schedule and clients. If you have a paid project or opportunity that you feel that angelKat may be suitable for – please do get in touch via email ( ).

Available services include;

  • Art: Character sketches and illustrations.
  • Art: Character and Location Design.
  • Art: Storyboarding and Comic Pages.
  • Art: Branding/Logo Design.
  • Development: Games, Web, or App development (Art and/or Programming).
  • Content Writing and Proof Reading.
  • Events: Hosting Talks & Workshops on Art, Comics, Writing, or LGBT topics.

For more information check out our Commissions page!

Does angelKat Accept Artist Submissions?

Thank you for your interest but angelKat is not currently accepting unsolicited submissions and cannot act as a publisher on your behalf.

angelKat are a small press artist and some of his closest friends making comics together. Sadly we have neither the facilities nor financial capability to publish other peoples work.

We are happy to respond to queries and give advice where we can, and to recommend reliable/affordable printing services, etc. but please be aware that we can’t always respond immediately.

What Art Tools Does Davy Use?

I mostly work digitally these days using Photoshop CS3 and/or Clip Studio Paint, and my old but reliable Wacom Cintiq 12WX.

Whilst I love my Cintiq I wouldn’t recommend them for a beginner as they’re expensive and aren’t going to improve your art over night. That part still takes hard work, practice, and study.

When working traditionally I tend to use a mix of HB pencil, a soft-blue mechanical pencil, MS Copperplate Shorthand nib, and indian ink. I also frequently use markers and other inking pens such as Sharpie, Pilot DR, Faber Castell PITT, and Copic Multi-Liner markers.

Where is angelKat Based?

We’re from a small town on the north east coast of the United Kingdom called South Shields.

There’s a beach, fairground, Roman fort, a free outdoor music festival during summer, and a place that does amazing lasagne.

Can I send you story ideas/fan fiction/fan art?

Story Ideas: I appreciate the sentiment, and I’m glad to hear that our content has inspired you. Sadly, we can’t accept story ideas. Honestly because we already have too many ideas to ever get them all down on paper. It is possible to hire/commission me to work on original non-angelKat stories and comics though if that’s of interest.

Fan Fiction: Officially I can’t read or endorse fan fiction of angelKat titles. Again, it’s awesome that you’ve been inspired by us, but for legal reasons I just can’t (e.g. if later there’s a scene in Fera that is similar to your Fera fanfic). So whilst I really appreciate it, I’d ask that you don’t try to get me to read it, send me links, profit from them, etc. or do anything that could make me NEED to take action to protect my copyright etc.

Fan Art: We love receiving fan art. Fan art is awesome and much appreciated. There are some complications with fan art in a similar way to fan fiction as mentioned above but it’s rarely the case. Please don’t sell fan art of angelKat IP without personally getting express permission from us first. I’ll happily share fan art on social media, and there’s a section on my deviantArt favourites reserved for collecting it too!

When Do You Update?

It’s our intention to have at least one new post on the angelKat site every week. That might be a blog post, a new comic page, or new artwork – it may even be a combination of all of the above!

We’ll be using a “season” system where each comic title releases a chapters worth of updates, and then takes a short “break” whilst another title starts it’s latest chapter of updates. This allows us to keep each title moving forward whilst having time to work on both projects.

There may be times of the year where certain comics are on “vacation” to allow us to work on other projects, deal with family stuff, or simply recharge our batteries.

Where Can I Read Your Comics?

Here of course!

But you probably mean “where else”, yes? There are many ways to read comics and ours are available in print, ebooks, and even on mobile apps!

We have “mirrored” our comics on Tapas and WebToon – just open up the app and search for our comic titles and you can read Fera, The Editors, and more on your mobile device in a handy app.

New pages show up first on Patreon as an early-access reward, then on the angelKat site, followed by Tapas/WebToon, and once a full chapter is completed you’ll see them added as ebooks (PDF) on Gumroad too. Print books take a little bit longer of course but once released will be available from our online shop or in person at comic conventions.

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Sales Enquiries:
For any issues with purchases, to enquire about art commissions and to hire our team for freelance projects.

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