Friends of angelKat

Fan and Gift Art

Here at angelKat we’re lucky enough to have some amazingly talented friends and readers. Over the years we’ve received a ton of fan and gift art (and even a few guest comics!) so we’ve decided to showcase your art right here!

Below you’ll find a selection of awesome artwork and comics that we’ve been gifted by friends and fans inspired by our comics and characters!

Please take a moment to look through the gallery below (you can even click the images to bring up larger versions). And don’t forget to check out the artists themselves and their other work on their websites.

Artist Links

Here are links to the artists featured in the gallery above – go show them some love!

Would you like to send us some artwork? Check out our contact page, or send us a link on social media and we’ll feature it here!


all-day SunnyCon Anime Expo @ Newcastle Upon Tyne
SunnyCon Anime Expo @ Newcastle Upon Tyne
Jun 26 – Jun 28 all-day
We’ll be exhibiting at our favourite local convention: SunnyCon Anime Expo in St. James Park, Newcastle Upon Tyne! A local anime convention that’s grown every year we’ve been there, it’s an absolute blast with plenty[...]

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