angelKat Art Gallery

Hi there! Here you’ll find a selection of art art, designs, and illustrations created by angelKat creator Davy Shirley (aka T III).

From original artwork, graphic designs, and comics, to even the occasional fan art sketch.
Please enjoy and remember to check out our main comic pages, blog,
and store for more content from angelKat!

Original Art

We love creating characters and worlds, or sketching friends here at angelKat so it should be no surprise that our gallery would feature some of our favourite digital and traditional pieces that Davy has produced over the years.

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Graphic Design

Graphic design may not be our focus but we do love a good pun and sometimes those geeky ideas just need to be turned into something fun. Our designs can be found all over the angelKat site, from banners and logos, to some (we think) really nice merchandise in our store.

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This wouldn’t be angelKat without some comics in our gallery, now would it? If you’re a regular reader you’ve probably seen a lot of our comic pages already but these ones are our personal favourites – and some you may not have seen before. The ones below include revisited artwork from our older comics, and projects that we’ve worked on for other publishers too!

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Fan Art

Sometimes it’s fun to relax and sketch a favourite character or two and experimenting with other art styles and character designs helps us to improve as artists.

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NSFW Art (18+)

Whilst not the most explicit in the world, occasionally our work might include a little nudity, a boob, or even a butt or two… If you’re too young (or otherwise wish not) to see any of those, please stop scrolling now.

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Or check out the amazing art we’ve been gifted by friends and readers!


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