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Hi! I’m Davy, the creator of angelKat and artist for hire. This page is all about how you can commission me to create one of a kind artwork for your personal use. Whether that’s to use as a mobile wallpaper, social media banner, or to print it out and stick it on your bedroom wall is up to you.

Whilst the information here is focused on personal commissions – I am available for commercial projects including character design for games, comic pages, merchandise/packaging art, and more.

You’ll find more information about that on my Commercial Projects page!

Please contact me for more information! ( email: )

Please note: the Terms of Service, guidelines, and pricing below are subject to change and may be updated at any time. By ordering a commission from angelKat (Davy) you agree to these terms.

  • All payments will be processed via PayPal in GBP.
  • Payments will be made up front via INVOICE once the order has been accepted and agreed upon. Please DO NOT send payments until you recieve the invoice – you can then pay by clicking on the link in the emailed invoice.
  • By ordering a commission you agree to these terms of service.
  • Unless otherwise agreed upon artwork commissioned (including WIPs) may not be used for resale, profit, or other commercial use by the client. For commercial licenses please enquire directly but be aware that there will be an additional fee.
  • I reserve the right to refuse a commission.

Available Styles

The following are some of the commission types that I offer with an estimated starting price for your own reference. Please be aware that these prices are per character, detailed/complex characters and scenes may incur additional fees.

If you have an idea in mind that isn’t quite covered here please enquire via email and I will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your project.


Commission Example Type: Sketch

100% grade-A scribbles.

Starting at £20.

Starting at £10! (Save 50%)


Commission Example Type: Inked

Clean inked lineart.

Starting at £50

Starting at £25! (Save 50%)

Flat Colour

Commission Example Type: Flat Colour

Inked with flat colour. No shading.

Starting at £100.

Starting at £50! (Save 50%)

Full Colour

Commission Example Type: Full Colour

Inked with full colour and shading.

Starting at £150.

Starting at £75! (Save 50%)

For more examples of my work check out the angelKat Gallery!

Backgrounds & Extras

  • Backgrounds are priced on a case by case basis (depending on complexity).
  • Extra characters can be added for an additional fee.
  • NSFW content may be accepted at the artists discretion but will incur an additional fee.

How To Order

You can place an order by emailing me at ( ) with the subject “Commission”.

To help speed up the process please include the following information in your initial email;

  • Type of Commission (e.g. “Full Colour – Waist Up”).
  • Reference images of the character(s) that you’d like me to illustrate.
  • A simple description of what you’d like included in the illustration i.e. character pose, setting, scene description, etc. Try to keep this brief – 4 or 5 sentences should be enough in most cases.
  • Your PayPal address so that I know where to send the invoice.
  • Please include all specifics that you want to appear in your commission. I can’t guarantee to include something that you haven’t specifically requested and any changes/additions later will incur an additional fee.

I will respond to your email as soon as possible to confirm details and agree a suitable price. At this point I will also give you an estimated time frame so that you have some idea of how long the piece will take to create and when you can expect me to begin work on the piece.

Once agreed I will then send you the invoice via PayPal which you can pay simply by clicking the link on the invoice.

After Payment

After I receive payment I will begin work on your commission (unless we have previously discussed a short delay due to a commission queue). I will create an initial sketch to make sure that I have captured what you had in mind, that I will send to you for your approval. At this point I’ll be able to make some alterations if needed.

Please note: after this initial sketch approval any further changes will incur a fee of £10 per alteration.

On completion of your commission I will send you two files: a high resolution version of the final image, and a web friendly version.

You may share and repost the piece on your own website, social media, etc. but I’d greatly appreciate it if you could link back to me where possible. This helps to get more eyes on my work, and perhaps even some more awesome supporters like you.

As previously stated, unless otherwise agreed, you are not to use the final artwork or WIP from your commission for profit or resale. If you wish to do so, please get in touch directly via email to discuss licensing fees for use of the artwork in that way.

I retain all rights to the final artwork and any WIPs created in the process, including screen capture video recordings of my process. As such I reserve the right to use the produced artwork, recordings, etc. to display in my portfolios, art sites, social media, other promotional material, etc. for the further advertisement of my work and services.

I will NEVER use your commission for print/digital merchandise (such as art books, prints, etc) without your express permission.

Patreon Benefits

As well as getting early access to comic updates, sketches, and artwork, Patreon supporters also enjoy regular offers and discounts on commissions. If you’d like to support us and get all of these benefits and more – be sure to check out our Patreon rewards!

Thank you!


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