Issue #1 of our super hero/villain title The Editors, with capes, conspiracies, and surviving the reset.

Written by Paul Burr and Illustrated by Davy Shirley
(24 pages, full colour | Teen+)

Heroes and villains are always going too far – and they always make a universe shattering mess in the end. That’s where The Editors come in. They wipe everything clean and start again – except this time something has gone wrong, and a villain has escaped into this brand new iteration of the universe with all of his memories intact.

Will he use them in a bid for more power? Or does the villain become a big damn hero and save the world himself? Well... you can't always rely on the good guys.

Artist Editions are signed by the artist and are accompanied by a hand drawn art card.

Note: Digital editions are still available through our Gumroad store!

Writer Paul Burr
Artist Davy Shirley
Page Count 24
Format Full Colour

The Editors #1

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