angelKat Presents is where we will be releasing previews of our print and digital comics. All of the titles featured here will be available to purchase from our store.

WARNING: Some of these titles are not suitable for all ages. Covers for each preview will include a rating such as: Everyone (E), Teen+, Mature (M). Reader discretion is advised.

Some Of The Titles Here

The Editors (Teen+)

( )
Writer: Paul Burr | Artist: Davy Shirley

When a two-bit crook wakes up during a routine Editor procedure, and escapes into a brave new world, what is he to think? Is he dead? Has he gone insane? Has he travelled back in time? And if so, will he use his knowledge to avert disaster or for his own selfish ends?

The Editors are a clandestine group, shaping the universe and controlling the lives of heroes and villains alike. They step in when heroes go too far, when villains go unchecked, and the world ends. But sometimes they make mistakes.

Colony Alpha Lima (Teen+)

( Coming Soon )
Writer: Anna Sheldrick | Artist: Davy Shirley

Earth has all but been lost to war, but humanity has survived by colonising space.

A sci-fi tale of love amongst the stars – two childhood friends have fallen in love only to find themselves flung to opposite ends of the galaxy as humanities follies catch up with them.

angelKat Adventures (All Ages)

( Coming Soon )
Writer/Artist: Davy Shirley

The adorable misadventures of angelKat, a winged kitten with a big heart and a mischievous glint in his eye.

Offices & Accountants (Teen+)

( Coming Soon )
Writer: Paul Burr | Artist: Donna McGarry

We’re nerds and like to roll dice every now and then to unwind. But how do our fantasy counterparts blow off steam?

Well, that’s simple: they find a dark corner in the least leaky tavern in town and play a game of office politics and middle management.

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