The scripts for Tech-Diff so far have been great fun to write- part of me is waiting for the “how dare you make fun of this thing I like” … sorry if people don’t like it but that’s the nature of the beast. A lot of the things we have or will make fun of are things we love (with the exception of Twiglet I suppose but that was out of being sick of fans accosting Donna at her work place).

In that strip we have some more tales following Crag and Mel coming up and the many adventures of our glorious hero Emo Man.

FERA will be updating again on Monday around 10pm GMT as usual. I hope you guys will enjoy it- we have ninjas (sort of).

Apologies again for my previous blog. I was in an odd mood and really wanted to talk about lasagne with someone – in fact afterwards I ended up ranting at a friend about why certain cheeses and other ingredients should be selected carefully or not at all to construct the perfect lasagne, and how chips made in a real chip pan are more suited due to flavour and texture… yeah I’m a freak, but I have rights!

Earlier in the week I finally got to play Skate (PS3) again… its a really fun game and yes I know its old now and the sequel has been released but I wanted to play the original- that said I should at some point get the demo of the new one to have a play through.

Other than that I’ve been enjoying playing Little Big Planet (PS3) at least partly because I get to have Stephen Fry tell me how to play a video game for hours on end… theres some thing comforting about the way he says the word “cool”.

I’ve also been playing a lot of Fable 2 (360) which is more fun that I’d expected, despite some strange bugs and the fact that the dog is almost as bad as Navi from Ocarina of Time- and condoms are NOT treasure! In fact I recently played the new Prince of Persia game (360) and found it really good fun. I liked the similarity to Ubisoft Montreal’s previous title Assassins Creed, which I still hold to be a good game despite its flaws and criticisms. After noticing what appeared to be reused world objects and such (i.e. the beams jutting out of towers in AC appearing in PoP) I did the only sane thing and got myself the Altair skin… which made it even more fun.

To be honest I haven’t played half as many games as I should lately. I have yet to test the Dreamcast I recently bought, nor found out whether my new version of Vandal Hearts (PS) is in
English since the manual appears to be in every European language but English. Also bought a copy of Klonoa (PS) and Mall Tycoon (PC) the latter simply due to being produced by a local development team.

And of course I had to get myself a copy of Left4Dead (PC) before Christmas which has been great fun to play- not fond of the witches (I think thats what they’re called).

I was amazed yesterday when I noticed a copy of the Devils Panties volume 2 in a local comic book shop. In years of looking for any copies of DP locally its the first I’ve ever seen- so obviously I had to buy and read it, definitely worth the £14.

There was a pause in the shop when I noticed they’d released Talisman again- a board game I played as a child that was discontinued a long time ago. If you’ve never heard of it, it was simply a fantasy based board game from Games Workshop. Quite simple but the old version could go on for days if you let it. You had monsters to fight, gold to loot, player characters… dragons to slay. All in all it was a fun game, the new version has replaced the cardboard characters with actual miniatures which is an improvement but since the original consisted of a main board with optional additional modules (4 corner pieces, new monsters, the tower including the dragon) and the new version has yet to release those modules I think I’ll wait a little while before forking over so much cash for a board game- even if it was the one that got me into Dungeons and Dragons.

Until next time…