Slightly Damned by Raizy the Chu
Slightly Damned is another of my favourites, and I feel bad that it is the last one I come to in this weeks list. Another well developed world, containing Angels, Demons, Death and Jakkai- read the comic to find out more about these. The story itself revolves around the Jakkai, Rhea’s death and subsequent incarceration in the outer rings of hell- not evil enough for hell but not good enough for heaven. She is befriended by the strange and fluffy minded Buwaro, a demon with an interesting past and a fondness for hugs… and rocks.

As the story progresses and the duo escape from hell they are joined by the Angel/Bunny, Kieri. The real greatness of this comic is simply the progression of the relationships between our 3 major characters. I can only hope that the relationships between FERA’s troop progress quite so well. If you enjoy a good adventure story, and some cuddly moments or just a story where you will really feel for the characters then this is the one for you. I REALLY don’t want to spoil this comic for anyone so I’m not sure how much I can say other than these characters are so well thought out, their relationships so well put together that you really will care about what happens to them- even down to the loveable Thadius, Buwaro’s pet rock.