This last month has been a blur. It doesn’t seem like it’s been so long since the launch of angelKat Entertainment, or the two comics.

Hopefully this will be just the beginning. We have Kato introduced in FERA this week, she is our would be heroine and we will be seeing more of the major cast begin to make appearances over the next few weeks.

As I said the last month has been a blur, but hardly smooth. With the death of my great-grandma, and funeral arrangements etc. it’s been a hectic and troubling time including the obligatory family bickering. Hopefully this has settled down by now or at least some semblance of normality will return shortly.

As for the comics, we’ve got huge plans for both and hope that you will all join us for the ride. In the past few weeks I’ve updated the layout of FERA to use Comicpress- I hope to do the same for Technical Difficulties shortly. The effect has been to create a much more steamlined version of the site and I think it looks a lot better.

If you hadn’t noticed FERA now also has an RSS feed that you’re welcome to subscribe to. Extras for FERA are in production, soon you’ll be able to download wallpapers etc.

Feel free to visit (and vote for) FERA and Tech-Diff on topwebcomics, webcomicplanet, webcomicsinc, as well as twitter: t_iii and d0nnatron.

Also I’d like to congratulate Donna on getting her new job and just say that I’m incredibly proud of her :)

Hope you enjoy FERA and Technical Difficulties this week, keep reading, vote for us and feel free to spread the word or come talk to us on twitter.

Until next time…