We’re participating in SunnyCon Anime Expo 2017’s VIP art book of anthropomorphic north east landmarks – and what better way to launch our brand new YouTube channel than a speedpaint video of Davy completing art for our favourite local convention?

Our new channel will feature art processes, speed paints, tutorials, videos from Artist Alley, and recordings of our creative/game Twitch live streams!  We’ll be posting official video and stream schedules soon but for now we plan to post new content on YouTube and Twitch weekly barring any major disasters.

As always we’d love to hear from you – is there any video topics you’d like to see, or games you’d like us to play? Comment below or get in touch on social media or via email and let us know!

Check out our first art stream video below and remember to like and subscribe for more content!

As always, until next time…