Our Comics

angelKat Entertainment produces a wide variety of high quality comic books in print and digital formats. Below is a list of our current projects.

We’re probably best known for our LGBT* positive stories, and strong female led titles. Currently we have several projects spanning many genres from fantasy and science fiction, to comedy and childrens titles.

Fera (Teen+)

( www.angelk.at/fera/ )
Writer/Artist: Davy Shirley

Fera is the tale of a group of friends as they embark on an epic journey of love, loss, and adventure across their world and beyond. Set on Earths’ sister planet Mu, recently returned to their intertwined orbit, the source of our myths of magic and monsters.

When the Marucci clan patriarch is taken as a war trophy, only his granddaughters and their friends will be able to rescue him, uncover the plots of their enemies, and save their people.

The Editors (Teen+)

( www.angelk.at/the-editors/ )
Writer: Paul Burr | Artist: Davy Shirley

When a two-bit crook wakes up during a routine Editor procedure, and escapes into a brave new world, what is he to think? Is he dead? Has he gone insane? Has he travelled back in time? And if so, will he use his knowledge to avert disaster or for his own selfish ends?

The Editors are a clandestine group, shaping the universe and controlling the lives of heroes and villains alike. They step in when heroes go too far, when villains go unchecked, and the world ends. But sometimes they make mistakes.

Hier Spirits (Teen+)

( www.angelk.at/hier-spirits/ )
Writer/Artist: Davy Shirley

Even the seasons get bored of the same old routine, so when Summer and Winter finally get the chance to pursue their dream of becoming Private Eyes there’ll be plenty mythical mysteries and supernatural shenanigans to be had!

angelKat Adventures (All Ages)

( www.angelk.at/presents/ )
Writer/Artist: Davy Shirley

The adorable misadventures of angelKat, a winged kitten with a big heart and a mischievous glint in his eye.

Offices & Accountants (Teen+)

( www.angelk.at/presents/ )
Writer: Paul Burr | Artist: Donna McGarry

We’re nerds and like to roll dice every now and then to unwind. But how do our fantasy counterparts blow off steam?

Well, that’s simple: they find a dark corner in the least leaky tavern in town and play a game of office politics and middle management.

Colony Alpha Lima (Teen+)

( www.angelk.at/presents/ )
Writer: Anna Sheldrick | Artist: Davy Shirley

A sci-fi tale of love, friendship, and humanity surviving amongst the stars.