angelKat For Hire!

Here at angelKat Entertainment we have the skills and talent that you need for your latest creative project. Whether it’s a personal project or something more commercial – if you need writers, artists, code monkeys, or even someone to host a talk/workshop or two – you’ve come to the right place!

In all instances you can contact us to discuss your project needs and to receive a tailored quote by emailing us at: with the subject line “Hiring angelKat“.

Personal Commissions

We regularly work on art/illustration commissions for non-commercial use, those projects that are for personal enjoyment or a gift for a loved one. The most common requests are pin ups or portraits of favourite characters or even the client themselves! Our favourites are often the ones that we find most fun and unexpected – so if you think that your project is a little “out there” please do still get in touch!

Our pricing starts from as little as £5 for digital sketches and prices increase based on complexity. Whilst we are generally open minded when it comes to subject matter there are a number of things that we reserve the right to decline (see the list at the bottom of this page for subjects we can’t work on). With your consent we may also stream/record part or all of our process as we create your commission – these will be available to watch live via Twitch (or other art streaming service) and recorded where possible to be made available to view on Twitch/YouTube, etc. This is intended as a fun addition to your commission experience – letting you see your piece spring to life on the page!

For a rough price guide for personal projects and what’s available take a look at the charts below (priced per character unless otherwise stated);

Digital Commissions

Traditional Commissions

Also available upon request; character reference sheets, convention badges, social media avatars, banners, and much more!

Please contact us directly for more details at:

Commercial Projects

Anything from comics, to web development – we’re available to hire on a freelance or contract basis. Our services also include graphic design, content writing, and social media management.

Due to the nature of commercial projects (comics, content writing, graphic design, and web development) they tend to be more varied in terms of complexity/scale and can require extra considerations such as rights, royalties, etc. As such it’s advised that you contact us directly at to discuss details of your proposed project and to receive a tailored quote.

For comics in particular you can find estimates on our page rates below, although again these are subject to change depending on the project specifics are intended only as a rough guide.

Comic Pages:

  • Pencil = £ 50
  • Inked = +£ 25
  • Flat Colour = +£ 20
  • Letter = +£ 10
  • All of the above = £100
  • Cover (Full Colour) = £ 80

    Also available upon request; character design, youtube/twitch artwork, banners, illustrations for products, and much more!

    Please contact us directly for more details at:

    Talks and Workshops at Events

    As you may know, we regularly host talks and workshops at events around the United Kingdom covering a range of topics from LGBT* representation in media, creating comics, and even tips for new artists considering their first exhibition at a comic/media convention!

    We’re happy for event organisers to get in touch with us to discuss how we can help each other. We normally charge a small fee for these services, but we do accept alternative compensation (resources/travel expenses, exhibition space at the event, etc. are common).

    Please contact us directly for more details at:

    Declined Projects

    We reserve the right to decline any project. Most of the time if your project has been declined we will let you know why for example due to time constraints/conflicts where we don’t believe we can complete your project to the deadline/standard that you need. And whilst we are generally open minded and will accept most projects there are some specific subjects that we will automatically decline these include;

    • Adult content featuring minors (all characters must be 18+).
    • Adult content FOR minors (if you commission NSFW content you must be over 18 years old).
    • Adult content featuring abuse, or non-consensual acts.
    • Content featuring/promoting hate speech.

    1) Payments are via PayPal. 2) All rates are charged in GBP. 3) I retain the rights to display the images in my portfolio unless otherwise agreed. 4) The rates listed above are only rough guides and may vary based on the nature of your commission. 5) Rates listed above include a digital file only unless otherwise stated, if you’d like a print of your commission additional fees and shipping will apply. 6) Rates listed above DO NOT include commercial rights unless otherwise stated – if you wish to resell/use the art on products, further fees may apply. Please ask for details. 7) If you cancel before work starts I will give a full refund (minus a non-refundable 10% which will cover PayPal fees). 8 ) If you cancel in the middle of work on the commission I will send you what has been completed, as well as deduct the fee for the amount completed from your payment, and refund the rest. 9) Once the artwork is completed, it is non-refundable.