This Friday 17th to Sunday 19th June, we’ll be back at our local convention SunnyCon once again, this time in a brand new venue: St James Park, Newcastle Upon Tyne!

We’ll be at table 29 with a stack of books including Fera, The Editors, Project Autumn, and perhaps even some previews of brand new titles too! Not to mention art prints, commissions, sketches, badges, mugs, and lots more.

Find us at table 29 at SunnyCon 5

SunnyCon’s a really great show for all of the family with games, art, merch, cosplay, contests, panels/talks/workshops, and even some great after parties too. This year they have some awesome guests too, including Johnny Yong Bosch (Power Rangers) and for the first time in the UK, all the way from Japan, voice actress Fumiko Orikasa (Inuyasha, Digimon, Bleach, FMA, Tokyo Ghoul, and many many more). There are also 18+ after parties, a themed menu at the venues bars, and more.

As always, remember to stay hydrated throughout the day – there will be free water available at designated points around the show including the chill out zone. It may not seem like you need it, but it’s been quite warm lately, venues filled with people tend to get hot to start with (not to mention cosplays), and it’s easy to forget in the excitement and bustle of a busy convention. Stay safe, take care of yourself, and if you need any help ask the volunteers/staff – they’re a friendly bunch who will do what they can to assist.

Check out the links below for the shows official website, where to buy tickets (I think it’s advance booking only this year so book soon if you haven’t already), and more info.

Buy Tickets:

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We look forward to seeing you there!