It would appear that FERA is now fully launched, with our first page uploaded – all that’s left to do is tidy up the mess and realise that I have to do this all again for next Monday…. oh.

In the mean time, I’ve been wanting to do this for years so here’s a random rant that may, or may not have any relevance to anything at all and might not even make sense to most of you… it may not even make sense to me.

Now, any one who knows me may have noticed that I enjoy good food. I’m not talking expensive rubbish where some so called chef has taken a simple dish and covered it in some unknown but apparently important garnish that makes you feel stupid for having to ask what it is, or uncultured for thinking it tastes foul.

By good food, I’m talking home made, simple comfort foods that we enjoy because it simply tastes good and fills up that gap we’ve been leaving since breakfast…. that said I think I had soup for breakfast this morning…

Ignoring my last comment- if you know me well enough, or sneakily read the title of this post before attempting to decipher my ramblings, you may have noticed that one of my favourite foods is lasagne… generally served with chips (gasp, shock, horror- how could I? It tastes nice, that’s all there is to it).

Now, I’m not fond of cheese, and the first time I ever tried lasagne was at work in a law firm- still to this day I rank that lasagne one of the best I’ve ever tasted. Oddly the lasagne in question was from a small cafe, some would call it a “greasy spoon” but I think that’s a little unfair. Its a little place called Michaels Cafe Rendezvous in my home town. Nothing better than their lasagne and proper chips.

Ever since first tasting that I’ve been addicted to lasagne, and made a point to order it whenever it was on the menu. I’ve found a couple that are almost as nice, one that is its equal (but neither tastes quite alike), and some which were simply foul- that said the latter were in places specialising in other things that they produced to better standards than any others locally.

This may seem like a strange thing to say, and this is simply some thing from my own curiosity and my slight obsession with lasagne (I even bought the NDS Cooking Guide after discovering it had 2 variations of lasagne recipes)- but over the past few years I’ve compiled an ever changing/growing list of places that serve excellent lasagne and ranked them.

I’m unsure as to whether any one but me would find this interesting, or useful but here’s a sample of my list:

1st) Joint between: Michaels Cafe Rendevous and Tuscano’s in South Shields
2nd) Castles- the Northumbria University cafeteria, on the few occasions they serve it, although all of their pasta is delicious (I recommend the chilli).
3rd) Bimbi’s in Newcastle (in Eldon Square if anyones interested) only real reason its 3rd is the inclusion of mushrooms and it can be a little dry.
4th) Cafe Nero in South Shields- I was surprised at this one, but yes they make a good lasagne- their minestrone soup isn’t half bad either.
5th) Dare I say it- Asda’s “extra special” lasagne is another surprisingly nice meal, and means I can keep it frozen at home for when I get that craving lol.

I feel bad saying it but there is one lasagne I wasn’t too fussed on, and that was at Louis in Sunderland.

First of all I’d like to make it clear that Louis is really a great fish and chips place, can’t beat it any where I’ve been- same goes for their English breakfast (its become a staple of mine and Donna’s visits to Sunderland). But their lasagne wasn’t the nicest I’ve ever tasted.

Now I’m not fond of cheese, in fact I tend to avoid food with an excess of it, unless its a baked potato but that’s another matter, Louis lasagne appears to have far too much MATURE CHEDDAR which to me is far too strong a cheese and destroys the other flavours in the dish- especially when its layered so thickly.

So, what foods do you guys love? Any favourite places that serve that one meal you’re addicted to?

Sorry for that little detour, but I’ve been wanting to post some thing like this for years, and I’m in a strange mood.

So, without further ado- FERA is up and running, hope you guys enjoy it.

Until next time…