We would like you to meet Miss Dee Alwood- blacksmith, tinkerer, mechanic and all round good friend in the latest pages of Fera!

Her appearance completes our trio for a little while at least- the next major characters won’t be making their entrances for a few pages yet. That said, no time to stand still- the town of Arcanus is under attack, those pesky Orcs are already burning, killing and kidnapping Fera left, right and centre- let’s see if our heroes can do some thing about it.

In related news I’ve submitted a guest strip for J. Gray’s guest week on Mysteries of the Arcana- once said week is over I’ll be posting the page in the Extras section on FERA. He’s also involved in a charity auction that will be happening in June (?) I believe where proceeds will go to the Point Foundation. So anyone who is interested in donating LGBT related artwork etc. should probably get in touch with him- I plan to donate some thing myself, have yet to decide what though.

For those who have been wondering what’s happening with Technical Difficulties- that comic is currently on hiatus for a week or so whilst Donna gets settled into her new job. She’s currently doing at least three 24 hour shifts per week so I’m sure you can understand that she’s more than a little exhausted.

She is however currently putting together a script for a possible 3rd comic for the angelKat site- it will be an adventure story of sorts, partly to indulge our own interests in classical mythology. Donna has asked that I produce the artwork for it so we’ll see how it goes. We don’t have any definite dates for it being launched since we’re currently just in the process of putting initial ideas together but we’ll let you know as soon as its all sorted.

Remember, don’t forget to vote for and stumble etc. FERA and Technical Difficulties, the links are in the sidebars on the individual pages- it’s all very much appreciated.

Check out “Ask Kato” and get involved, we’d love to hear your questions and have them answered by the cast. It’s a good way not only for you to get involved but help everyone get to know the characters of FERA that little bit better and for those of you with comics and other sites yourselves its another chance to have a link to your own page.

In the next month we’ve got a couple of things planned- first of all I’m going to be doing some thing for my 23rd birthday on the 15th April… no idea what as yet (I honestly have no clue what to do for it this year). Secondly I’m going to be, hopefully, posting an extra up on FERA to celebrate National Willy Fog day on 28th April- most likely some of my characters in various locations around the world. Thirdly we’re going to be wandering over to a comics fair in Newcastle to see what’s happening there- may even bring some flyers for the comics but we’ll see what happens in the mean time.

I’ve mentioned a couple of webcomics recently here, and there’s one webcomic-related thing that I really want to mention to you guys.

If you haven’t heard of it already, TGT Webcomics produces one of my favourite podcasts on the subject (the others being the Webcomic Beacon and the occasional Webcomics Weekly) recently they’ve had some great comickers interviewed on the show- this week saw Phil Foglio of Girl Genius, they’ve had Emy Bitner from Trying Human, Eldon Cowgur from Astray3, Jennnie Breeden of the Devil’s Panties and many more. They’re well worth a listen whether it be Frumph and Kurt trying to squeeze spoilers out of Emy or learning some thing you never knew about your favourite artists. It’s good fun and it’s recorded live so you can even phone in and ask questions or be there in the chat room on talkshoe.

Until next time…