There’s been a lot going on recently, hopefully matters will improve starting next week.

First of all, I’d like to let you guys know that I’ll be sending Issue #2 of Fera off to Ka-Blam next week and they’ll be on sale for the first time from my table at London MCM Expo in May… well, I guess they may be available online via Indyplanet before then. Indyplanet currently has Fera #1 and some new tshirts available for anyone interested as well- so make sure to check out the shop.

As a side effect of having Issue #2 ready for print by next week, we shouldn’t have any breaks again for quite some time. The last page of Issue #2 will post on the site at the end of June so we’ve got plenty of updates for you until then.

As I’ve mentioned, I’ll be attending London MCM Expo, I should also have a table at London Film and Comic Con in July and I’m currently chasing up tables for a couple of other events too. Those of you who follow me on twitter or have joined the Fera fanpage on Facebook… or, indeed, follow me on deviantArt will have already seen the new banner for the conventions this year.

I’m sure we can all agree that it’s a vast improvement on last years banner- and hopefully eyecatching enough to attract some visitors to our tables.

In other news, the site is not going to be staying as it is. I’ll be updating the backend of the site and replacing the layout with a new design in the coming weeks. You may have noticed that as of today there are two new additions to the sidebar.

The first is a paypal button, anyone who wishes to donate can do so by clicking that button. Donations aren’t required so don’t worry, it’s simply there in case anyone wishes to do so. I will be introducing a monthly donation wallpaper where anyone who donates over £3.00 will receive a special limited edition wallpaper that won’t be available any where else on the site. That will start in April 2011 so keep an eye out for that in the news next update.

The second is a “FLATTR” button. Now, I’m guessing most of you haven’t heard of Flattr, hell, it’s new to me too. Flattr is a fairly recent service that allows you to donate money to support creators of work that you enjoy. Instead of using the Paypal model of having to put in back details etc. Flattr uses a “like” system that’s as easy as that on Facebook.

Once you have an account on Flattr, you agree to a monthly budget (of around $2.00) that is split between anything that you “Flattr” during that month. Not seen anything to “Flattr”? That $2.00 is donated on your behalf to charity. So either way you’re doing something very cool. And the best part? You KNOW that the creator of the comic, music or whatever it is that you “Flattr” is doing just the same. Creators have to include the $2.00 per month too, not as a standing fee- but to share amongst they’re favourite content or charity too.

Since I’ve probably done a terrible job of explaining- take a look at this handy instructional video:

This is FLATTR!

Until next time…