The third issue of Fera is now under way, and we have a couple of events left this year amongst a growing list of plans for the rest of the year. The next few months are going to be quite a ride but hopefully it’ll all work out.

Manchester was great fun, as were the other events that we’ve been to this year so thank you to everyone who came out and stopped by the table. And hopefully we’ll see some of you in London in October or Leeds in November. Photos from our events so far can be found on our fan page on Facebook.

Issue 3 will be returning to a weekly schedule, most likely updating every Monday barring anything unexpected and I’ve been working on a page buffer so that even then it shouldn’t affect updates to any real extent. And starting from 1st October I’m going to be posting my warm-up sketches as incentives on the Top Web Comics voting portal, so feel free to vote for Fera daily and encourage your friends to check the comic out.


For those interested I will be taking commissions as of this moment from as little as £5, so if you would like any artwork etc. created email me your request and we can discuss it.

At present I’m going to limit commissions to a queue of no more than 4 at any one time. In all circumstances I’ll respond to requests but please understand that depending on demands on my time there may be a short wait. All commissions will be 100% digital, if you would like a print, feel free to ask but the price may need to be adjusted due to shipping and printing costs.

I also do written word commissions such as articles, reviews, scripts, etc. due to the nature of these projects, you’ll need to note/email me with the details before I can offer an estimated price.

You can find more details and examples here on the site in the Commission/Hire Us section!

Until next time…