This coming weekend (Friday 25th – Sunday 27th May) we’ll be setting up shop at London MCM Expo at the Excel Centre in the Victoria Docklands.

For those who don’t know, London MCM Expo is a bi-annual event, and is currently the biggest event for comics, animé/manga, tv, film, and gaming. For more information go here: Link

I’ll have art prints – currently A3 and A4 (depending on whether I get chance to print them up there’ll also be smaller art card size prints). I normally also have sketch cards, comics, customised notebooks, badges, bookmarks, tarot cards, and more. And that’s without mentioning that you, YES YOU, could walk away with some awesome new artwork from yours truly – I’ll be open for commissioned sketches, and digital artwork – all at a slight discount from what is normally available online.

This weekend I’ll have Fera issues 1 & 2, as well as the chance to sign up for a newsletter where you’ll receive exclusive artwork (only for event attendees), updates on the new Fera issue which will be launching soon, as well as our other titles such as The Editors

You’ll also get first “dibs” on pre-ordering “The Editors issue #1” – we’ll be launching an IndieGoGo campaign (essentially Kick Starter for creators outside of the USA) this week to fund the printing of the books, and also give you guys a little extra something. Bonuses will include sketches, full digital commissions, special limited edition cover versions of the comic, AND a ton of art prints/badges etc.

So, this weekend, we’ll have the first half of the inked pages for The Editors #1 on show, and we’ll be discussing our other comic projects that we have in the works. Hell, you’ll get to meet the new angelKat Entertainment team, since ALL FIVE OF US will be there this weekend! (Davy Shirley, Paul Burr, Donna McGarry, Anna Sheldrick, and Josh Gahstly).

All of this is part of our countdown to the relaunch of the whole angelKat Entertainment site, including; FIVE NEW TITLES, a review/news hub, and a fully functioning online store.

Our line up for the new site will include;

  • Fera: A tale of monsters. A tale of beasts. (by Davy Shirley) – An LGBT adventure-romance, charting the journeys, loves, and losses of a group of exiled friends, as they travel their world and beyond looking for answers and to recover their honour.
  • The Editors (by Davy Shirley & Paul Burr) – in a world of Super Heroes, one group lurks in the shadows, they step in when things go wrong, and when heroes go too far. They are “The Editors”, and they’re here to reset the universe and steer it back on course. But this time, something goes wrong, and the worlds 2nd worst villain REMEMBERS EVERYTHING.
  • Meta-Rising (by Anna Sheldrick & Josh Gahstly) – They thought the meta-humans had been wiped out, they thought wrong.
  • angelKat Adventures (by Davy Shirley) – The adventures and follies of our mischievous mascot from life at home, school, and comic con.
  • angelKat Presents (by Davy Shirley & Paul Burr) – Three short stories in each comic issue, the first is a series of horror/supernatural stories. And readers can vote on which stories they’d like to read more of.
  • Offices & Accountants (by Paul Burr & Donna McGarry) – Role playing for the Dread Knight in your life.

So, if you’re going to be at MCM Expo this weekend, we’ll see you there – feel free to leave a comment, or if you’re interested in getting a press copy of any of our comics (for review purposes only) please email me at:

If you’re not attending MCM Expo, let us know what events you’re at this year, let us know about an event you’d like to see us attend, or just chat to us – we’re nice, honest.

Until next time…