As London MCM Expo is on the horizon (only a week away and we hope to see some of you there), we have lots of news to catch up on and some cool new things in store for readers of Fera.


Fera recently had to take a hiatus due to us needing to focus on other projects, the main two being the development of a couple of new titles to add under the angelKat banner, and that due to various things that have happened this year angelKat Entertainment and my freelance work have become my full time job – and sadly I had to focus on things that pay the rent.

But, as a result I can now announce that there are some great things in store in October and November this year. For Fera fans, the main one will be a return of the comic to a regular schedule – this issue will see plenty of excitement, with bar fights and chase scenes, and some touching/cute moments with different members of the main cast. And of course this issue will introduce the final member of our little group.

Back With More Than Ever

As well as this, we now have the first issue of The Editors, our latest title, in print – with 2 further issues scripted and currently being turned into comic pages. We also have a number of other titles either in the scripting stage, or in the case of our mini-comics already in print and available at events around the UK. As a result of all of this, and because we want to provide you guys with the best possible way to access and read the comics produced by angelKat Entertainment – you’ll be seeing some changes around the website.

I already have the new site design coded, there are a few new graphics to finish before updated the site, but it should be launching soon. Along with the update, the main site will act as a hub that will branch off into the Fera site, along with other titles. Whilst Fera will remain 100% free and will regularly, but some titles may only have samples online, with the full versions on sale as either an ebook or in print.

The plan for the new design will also give you guys more info on our upcoming events, but we’ll be moving all of our news and blog posts over to the main site – the hub site will not only act as a gateway to get to each of our comics but will also provide news, articles, reviews, and indeed professional/commission services. In the run up to Christmas, we’ll also be adding an online store to the site – for the first time allowing you to access items that are normally only available at UK events.

So, to give you a short list once the site is updated you’ll be getting;

  • The continuation of Fera as a regularly updating free webcomic.
  • New titles, both 100% free webcomics, and promo samples of print-only comics.
  • An online store – all of our comics, art, etc. in one easy place.
  • Lots of new content – comics, news, articles, reviews etc.
  • More content for your comics – we’ll be adding more character bios, artwork, and downloadable extras.
  • More visible event schedule – you’ll know what events we’ll be at as soon as we do – and we book a long time in advance.

The site, and indeed our table at events are going to soon have a lot more comic titles available from us. And the decision has been made that once Fera issue #3 is completed, we’ll be combining all three issues with a ton of extra content only available in print into a single 120+ page trade paperback volume. The extra content will include never before seen artwork, and some short story comics featuring tales from our main casts past – the stories are already scripted and they range from fun/cute, to heart meltingly sad.

New Team and New Projects

As you may have noticed I keep saying “we” and “us” – I’ve mentioned this elsewhere but angelKat Entertainment is growing. Not just in terms of comic titles and content, but also in the creative team behind it. The Editors is the first of many planned collaborations with my good friend Paul Burr, and we also have my other half Donna McGarry working on a new Dungeons and Dragons themed humour comic. Each of these will begin appearing in print and on the website as they get closer to completion, and I truly hope that you’ll enjoy them.

Here’s a brief list of currently planned titles – those in bold are already available in at least one format (be that ebook, print, or webcomic);

  • Fera (Davy Shirley) – an epic fantasy tale of love, loss, and adventure. Now with added cat girls.
  • The Editors (Paul Burr and Davy Shirley) – a conspiracy story of world altering scale, set inside a super hero universe.
  • angelKat Adventures (Davy Shirley) – cute family friendly strips following the adventures of our mischievous mascot angelKat.
  • angelKat Presents (Paul Burr and Davy Shirley) – a series of short story comics, each issue will contain three short stories on a particular theme – the first issue being horror/supernatural.
  • Offices & Accountants (Paul Burr and Donna McGarry) – a fun look at the fantasy worlds equivalent of Dungeons & Dragons.
  • Jason Fox P.I. (Davy Shirley) – family friendly noir detective tales, with a combination of unusual cases, and fun puzzles.

Upcoming Conventions

As always, if you want to catch us in the flesh – you’ll find a few of the angelKat team at both London MCM Expo next weekend, and Thought Bubble in Leeds next month. We’re currently waiting to hear back from London Super Con, we’ve booked/paid for our table and are now awaiting confirmation – so you should also expect to see us there in February. And we’ll also be attending Sunny Con in Sunderland again next year in March.

Anyway, that’s all for now – if you have any questions please comment, or emailing me via the contact page.

Until next time…