Fera has been updating a lot more sporadically than usual and I want to apologise for that. I am working on new pages, as well as updating the old ones for the planned release of a trade paperback that will include the first three issues (with all new art) and some bonus art and comics exclusively available only in the trade paperback. The current estimate is that it’ll be around 120+ pages, and I really want to make it special and improve the old artwork so that the book is a little more consistent.

As well as Fera I also have a couple of other new print comic projects that I’ve been working on that are also being delayed at the moment for the reasons below. Those include the eagerly anticipated 2nd issue of The Editors, a new science fiction series called Colony Alpha Lima, and two horror comic projects that I’m working on with Paul (my co-creator from The Editors). There are other projects planned but time isn’t really on my side right now.

The reason for the lack of Fera update tonight is that the last fortnight has been one where I’ve had less time than usual due to family emergencies. Without going into details said emergencies have involved hospitals, a close family members funeral that I’ll be attending on Monday, and a completely different family member undergoing tests for potentially serious health problems – which have all hit at the same time. And as much as I feel terrible missing a comic update, I’d feel worse not being there for someone I love in their time of need which I hope that you can understand.

In the small amount of time that I have been able to work on projects recently I’ve tried to prioritise my paid work, meaning that tonights Fera page was pushed to one side by necessity and has yet to be finished to a point that I feel comfortable sharing it. It has always been the case that Fera is a labour of love and not something that I can rely on to pay my bills, buy food with, or save for unexpected emergencies like those that have happened recently, which means that my paid freelance work sadly has to take priority when I have less time to work.

A Solution?

I have been working on a number of potential solutions for this predicament though, and I only wish that I could launch my first experimental solution under better circumstances. Initially it was intended to offset my freelance/paid work in order to re-focus my attention to Fera, including preparing the new books. But it’s also abundantly clear that I also need that extra time spared up for Fera and my other comics simply so that I can put together a sizeable buffer of pages in order to continue updating during times when the unexpected happens.

So, as much as I wish I could launch this under happier circumstances, I’ve put together a Patreon campaign that will allow readers to pledge a monthly amount in support of Fera and our other projects, with a few rewards for backers. These pledges can be edited, cancelled, and indeed capped at any time AND you don’t pay a thing if I don’t update at all one month for whatever reason. This is an experiment at the moment to see if it will help.

Just to confirm though: Fera is not becoming subscription only, and I am not going to hold pages to “ransom”. The webcomic will continue to be available to read free online, this is simply a way for me to be able to re-focus my time and attention to Fera without having to worry about losing my income from my freelance and commission work.

If there are any details on the Patreon page that you’d like me to change or elaborate on let me know, and the pledge reward tiers etc. listed on the page will be updated over time, so if there’s something that I’ve missed that you think I should add let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

If you can’t afford $1 per month to support Fera and angelKat Entertainment via Patreon, there are other ways that you can help too. These include;

Thank you for your support and I hope that you’re all having a better February than I am.

Until next time…