Hi, and welcome to angelKat Entertainment, home of the soon to be launched LGBT adventure/romance webcomic, Fera!

Fera will begin updating in a matter of days (Monday 12th January 2009 to be exact) and will be updating with one page per week. What started out as a short story many years ago that is probably still lingering around somewhere in the depths of the internet is now being given new life as a comic book series which will be available to read in its entirety online for FREE!

Yes, I said free! We will eventually release books, art, and merchandise for fans to buy but the webcomic itself will remain free to read on this site. All we ask is that you read it, and if you enjoy the series let us know, show your support by telling your friends, sharing links with groups online, review us on your blog, and voting for us on webcomic listings sites to help us get our name out there!

We truly appreciate every bit of support, and hope that you’ll enjoy Fera.

This section of the site ( angelKat Entertainment ) will exist as a blog where we can let you know about exciting new stuff that’s happening such as page/art previews, contests, extra information about the characters/comic, and the occasional review of games, tv/film, comics, etc.

For now though I’m sure you want to know a little more about Fera

So What Is Fera About?

Fera is an LGBT adventure-romance tale following the exploits of a group of friends as they embark on an epic journey of love, loss, and adventure across their world and beyond. Set on Earths’ sister planet Mu, recently returned to their intertwined orbit, the source of our myths of magic and monsters. The story begins with a great battle in which someone close to our characters is taken from them, and it’s up to them to traverse worlds in order to rescue them and save their home.

In other words, it’s going to be a wild ride – set in a fantasy world not unlike Dungeons and Dragons, or Lord of the Rings – we’ll see our band of heroines battling monsters, navigating a strange and dangerous world, falling in love, and discovering new friends and allies in their search.

Who Are These Adventurers?

Our adventurers consist of a mismatched group from the sourthern races of Mu’s largest continent, Topeia. The first members of this group will be the Ferans – a feline race filled with deeply held traditions and a strong sense of honour. The Marucci sisters are heirs to the Ferans most prominent warrior clan, Kato the gifted diplomat and assassin, and her twin sister Dominique a skilled warrior and leader with a dark secret. The sisters will also be accompanied by Dee Alwood, a friend and adopted daughter of the Marucci clans blacksmith – raised by the Ferans but actually a rabbit-like Lepus – she’s the outspoken yet thoughtful tinkerer of the group.

Later we’ll be introducing more amazing characters and races, including a human and a reptilian Virr who will join the main group. I’d go into more detail with them but sadly that’s a little way off and I wouldn’t want to spoil their introductions.

How Can I Help?

As I mentioned earlier Fera and our blog will be free to access and read in full online, so whilst we may make a small amount of coin from adverts on the site that’s going to be just enough to maybe pay for our website hosting. We will be adding print/digital comic books for sale at a later date, along with art prints, merchandise, and even offering art commissions. All of which will go towards giving us more time/resources to continue producing Fera and telling the stories of the characters that we hope you will love.

We appreciate though that not everyone can afford those things and we know that if you enjoy our work you’ll want to give us all of the support you can so that we can keep going. So we’ve came up with some things that you can do without spending any money at all to help support us. It’s simple: help us to spread the word about Fera.

You can do that by writing reviews on your blog, taking a banner from our links page and adding it to your website, telling your friends about our little comic, etc. Word of mouth is still one of the best ways to get our name out there – you can even talk about us on forums and groups, or vote for us on various webcomic listing sites! And feel free to get in touch with us, interact with us on Twitter, comment on comic pages and blog posts here, and even email us if there’s something that you’d like to see us create that isn’t already out there!

We appreciate every bit of support, and we hope that you’ll enjoy our comics!

Until next time…