SunnyCon was once again a massive success. Every year the show fails to disappoint, so for everyone who stopped by to say hello, the staff and volunteers who kept the show running, the guests, other artists, and even the venue – I’d like to thank you all for an absolutely amazing weekend. I’ve said this plenty of times in the past that SunnyCon is often the highlight of my convention season (and not just because it’s one of the few events where I get to sleep in my own bed). This year the event definitely lived up to its name, and I’m in awe of the fursuiters, and the cosplayers in massive armour pieces having spent the entire weekend in that kind of heat.

Winner of the SunnyCon3 Cosplay Contest!

For me though the nerve wrecking part is always doing panels/workshops – and I hope that for those of you who attended the Making Comics panel, and the Yaoi/Yuri Creators Q&A (with myself and Tab Kimpton of Khaos Komix) enjoyed them, and perhaps learned something new. Over the weekend we got the chance to hang out with J. Michael Tatum (Attack on Titan/Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood) and Quinton Flynn (Metal Gear Solid 2/Mass Effect 2) and share convention stories over a drink and pizza.

Oh, and we discovered that crepes are probably the best convention food ever – especially when filled with nutella and rapidly melting marshmallows.

We had a give away over the weekend, and one lucky lass got a well deserved copy of Scott McClouds “Making Comics” after scouring the venue all weekend to find the hidden angelKat logos. Speaking of – thank you to all of the other artists, and that one staff member (Edmund Hewitt) for being good sports and helping to hide those logos.

I also got my hands on some amazing artwork over the weekend – some beautiful monster-girl prints from our table neighbour Blue-Fayt, and some gorgeous card art from Pink Apple Jam (of Project A-Ko and Dirty Pair – two of my favourite old school animé). One thing that I definitely have to pick up at the next opportunity though as I sadly didn’t get to this weekend is Sophira-Lou’s brand new comic Jellybean which has some beautiful art, and it’s the story of a one-eyed Ogre girl and her adventures. If you like monster girls and really cute manga you’ll probably enjoy Jellybean.

On a more serious note – Donna Yeoman (SunnyCon Co-Chairman), and Fiona Cooke (SunnyCon Staff), shaved their heads during the SunnyCon charity auction on Sunday to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support with the hair itself donated to The Little Princess Trust – a charity that provides real-hair wigs to children suffering hair loss. They are still accepting donations so make sure to check out Donna’s Just Giving page and help out a worthy cause!

And whilst we’re all in a giving mood, one of the angelKat Entertainment writing team (Anna Sheldrick), is currently getting ready to cycle from London to Paris this September, in support of the Alzheimer’s Society – so to help out another worthy cause check out Anna’s Just Giving page too!

The angelKat table at SunnyCon3 this weekend.

I’m already looking forward to SunnyCon 4 in 2015 – my table is already booked (and my table for Chibi Sunny in November 2014 too!). So, if I don’t see you guys before then – I’ll see you at the next SunnyCon!!

Until next time…