Hi everyone, this is just a quick update on our convention schedule and status for the rest of 2017.

A few of my comic con regulars have already asked, and I’m sure some of the more observant of you have noticed that I haven’t yet posted blogs, tweeted maps, etc. for any of our usual Autumn/Winter shows yet (MCM Scotland/London, or ThoughtBubble). There’s a very good reason for this, and that is simply that due to circumstances outside of our control we sadly won’t be able to make it to those shows in the near future. At this time I’m not sure what this means for our convention schedule in 2018, although we are definitely confirmed for SunnyCon Anime Expo, and I’ll be sure to keep you updated with any new details as they arise.

As some of you may be aware, my mother was diagnosed with cancer two years ago, and after six months of chemotherapy she was told that she was in remission and placed on an additional two year course of maintenance treatment to (in theory) keep her that way for as long as possible. Sadly she was recently informed that an overlooked scan from last December showed that she had already relapsed. As such she is currently rather ill, battling pneumonia which she needs to be rid of before undergoing further chemotherapy, which will then be followed by a stem cell transplant, and then even more chemotherapy. So the next few months (at least) are going to be rough.

Since I’m her primary carer, and with dates etc. for hospital appointments and treatment still uncertain I’ve decided that it is simply not possible for me to make my usual convention appearances for at least the remainder of 2017. My sincerest apologies to anyone who may be disappointed by this but my priorities have to be with my family at this time and I can only hope for your patience and understanding at this time.

For now, I’ll be continuing to work on art, comics, etc. and updating here on angelKat as much as I possibly can. I’ll hopefully be starting up regular Twitch streams again and making some new game/art videos for YouTube too when I have time. On a more practical note, to compensate for the loss of convention income I’ll also be focusing where I can on creating new Patreon content, promoting my online stores, and opening a limited number of commission slots. Because as much as there’s a lot going on right now I still want to create art where I can and it’d be nice to be able to pay the bills (preferably without needing to purchase an RV).

Thank you for your continued support, it truly means a lot and is greatly appreciated.

Until next time…